If you’re struggling to see the right spare parts in your EAM or CMMS system, chances are you may be struggling to see that spare part in real life as well. There can be a big difference between the materials data found on a spreadsheet and the actual physical assets on a shelf in a warehouse. Perhaps the EAM system says that a particular kind of ball bearing can be found in one location, but when you check that location, the ball bearing is nowhere to be found. Perhaps the EAM system says you’re out of stock on a piece of equipment, but after ordering replacements, you discover that you actually have that spare part in surplus. The ability to visualize the physical spare parts in your EAM system can help mitigate issues like the ones outlined above, and a materials cleanse can be a part of that process.

Visualize materials data

We’ve covered the topic of data visualization in a few blogs before (you can find the most recent one here, but there are lots more!). To recap, data visualization is the use of visuals like pictures or diagrams to represent the data in your EAM system. If data visualization is a part of your EAM system, then searching up a spare part will allow you to also see what that spare part physically looks like in real life. The trouble is that outdated legacy systems filled with dirty materials data may not give you the option to visualize materials data.

Data cleanses are all about updating data and making it easier to understand and find in a system. Materials data cleanses are more specifically about making spare parts easier for workers to search for and understand in an EAM system. The ability to visualize materials data can be a key part of a good cleanse. The ability to take pictures or diagrams of your spare parts and use them in your EAM system has a very tangible return: searching for spare parts becomes faster and recognizing the characteristics of these parts becomes easier.

See the solution

Data visualization is an important part of a holistic approach to an efficiently managed EAM system. There can be a gap between what workers know about their spare parts and how those spare parts are represented in the software they use. For this reason, a materials data cleanse can be part of a balanced solution to make your data easier to visualize and manage. Check out one of our resources below, or book a demo with us to learn how NRX AssetHub can help you see your materials data more clearly.

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