EAM and CMMS Data Build Projects

Get your data right. NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a software platform designed to help them quickly and easily build rock-solid asset and maintenance data for their CMMS and EAM systems. Our customers use NRX AssetHub to support the creation, validation, and deployment of high-quality data for complex data build jobs, commonly associated with capital projects and new EAM/CMMS implementations. Our software provides a flexible staging area that allows our customers and their service providers to build data in a collaborative, iterative, and highly-transparent manner, and then easily deploy it to a CMMS or EAM system such as IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle EAM, Infor EAM and others.

How Our Customers Use Our Software

  • To build high-quality CMMS-ready asset and maintenance data for new capital projects
  • To manage the data during a CMMS migration project or new EAM systems implementation

Better data

We help our customers save a minimum of 50% on the cost associated with a CMMS data build.


Better maintenance

We help our customers achieve at least a 2.5% savings in ongoing maintenance and operations.


Acquire and Load Data

NRX AssetHub helps our customers automate EAM and CMMS data build projects from multiple sources to a staging area where it can be enriched and finalized until it is deployed into a system, such as IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle EAM, Infor EAM, and others. Data can be loaded from spreadsheets, text files, and other software solutions, including other CMMS systems. NRX AssetHub is compatible with virtually any best-of-breed engineering, maintenance, and asset management software application.


Edit and Validate Data

NRX AssetHub allows our customers and their contractors to collaboratively edit, visualize, and validate equipment data, including attributes, and data for all associated maintenance objects, such as task lists, maintenance plans, BOMs, etc. prior to moving anything into a production CMMS environment. Our software gives users the ability to build a master record of all pertinent asset and maintenance data independent of a live EAM or CMMS, while also allowing them to continually monitor the progress of the build. They can assemble a hierarchy of locations and equipment, BOMs, maintenance plans, task lists, content, and other objects. NRX AssetHub gives our customers the power to leverage business rules that guide the data assembly and approval process, while also providing the necessary tools to identify assets that have missing, incorrect, or duplicate data records.


Deploy EAM or CMMS-Ready Data

During the process of building and validating new data, NRX AssetHub enables our customers to iteratively deploy validated data into a CMMS or EAM system. When the data build or repair project is finished, or when a portion of the data is ready to be loaded, data is easily exported from NRX AssetHub in a format ready to be loaded into a CMMS or EAM system. After cleansing or building data in NRX AssetHub, our customers can launch the EAM or CMMS application with absolute confidence that it is populated with a complete and accurate record of maintenance and asset-related data.


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