CMMS & EAM Data Cleanse for Data Repair & Optimization

NRX Fix and leverage EAM or CMMS data. NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a software platform designed to help them quickly and easily identify and repair the gaps and inaccuracies in their asset and maintenance data in their CMMS or EAM systems. Our customers rely on our solutions to help guide them through the complex process of rectifying differences between their physical assets and what is digitally represented in their CMMS or EAM system. In other words, NRX AssetHub is a data-cleansing solution that makes it easy to repair and redeploy the critical data that our customers need to effectively maintain and operate their assets.

How Our Customers Use Our Software
  • To convert EAM or CMMS asset and maintenance data for acquired assets to new corporate data standards
  • To reflect repairs and changes to the physical plant in the CMMS maintenance master data
  • To optimize or change maintenance strategies for existing assets
  • To perform plant and warehouse walk-downs to ensure the CMMS data reflects the physical plant
  • To optimize inventory by matching vendor-recommended parts to inventory parts, eliminating duplicate parts, and identifying obsolete inventory

More wrench time

NRX AssetHub helps our customers increase wrench time by at least 25% by ensuring maintenance personnel have all the information they need to perform the right maintenance at the right time.


Better maintenance

NRX AssetHub helps our customers achieve a savings of at least 2.5% on the cost of ongoing maintenance and operations.


Identify Gaps and Inaccuracies in Data

NRX AssetHub helps our customers identify data quality issues using powerful reporting capabilities to highlight gaps, and measure the completeness of the asset and maintenance data residing in their CMMS or EAM systems. Intelligent filtering allows our customers to focus on areas of particular concern, such as listing all equipment without a criticality value. By making it easy to find issues pertaining to data quality and completeness, NRX AssetHub allows our customers to begin to repair what is broken, which results in increases maintenance productivity and an efficient CMMS or EAM data cleanse.


Edit and Validate Data

Once our customers have started to identify the issues and gaps in their maintenance data, they can use NRX AssetHub to dramatically accelerate the data repair process. Features such as smart search and filtering to locate records, templates and intelligent suggestions to automate data input, bulk changes to multiple objects and copy/paste functionality make it quick and easy to edit large amounts of data. Out of the box load templates also make it easy for our customers to validate their data against adopted corporate standards, such as ISO 14224 and ISO 15926.


Control and Audit Changes to Data

During the data repair process, our customers require a method for managing and approving changes made to their asset and maintenance data in their CMMS or EAM system. NRX AssetHub provides flexible workflows to help our customers manage these changes, from the application of business rules for validating data, to data conversion, to the implementation of change approval processes. Because each organization is different, these processes can be adapted for virtually any business. NRX AssetHub also provides complete audit capabilities, capturing changes to every object in the system, creating a comprehensive audit trail that helps our customers show accountability, and verify changes as required. Our customers are assured that changes made to their CMMS or EAM data adhere to their industry and corporate standards, and will remain in conformance over time.


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