In the industrial sector, many companies deal with old diagrams and outdated systems. Engineers often have to work with diagrams saved as PDF images, which are hard to use effectively.

To improve efficiency and accuracy, these diagrams need to be converted into a Smart P&ID format. However, most old diagrams are not digital, meaning engineers have to redraw them by hand. This is a slow and error-prone process, especially for complicated diagrams like Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs).


  • Old Records: Handwritten notes are often illegible, documents are incomplete, and data entry errors are common. Engineers are forced into a tedious process of cross-referencing multiple sources to ensure accuracy, making the process slow and frustrating.
  • Lack of Standardization: Engineering standards are not rigid rules but more like guidelines. Each project team often follows different conventions with liberal customizations, making tracking and extracting data from PDFs even more daunting.

Creating a seamless process can alleviate engineers’ frustrations and reduce the time spent on manual searching. Tools that can help overcome issues of illegibility, incompleteness, and inconsistency are crucial for integrating efficiency into data extraction.

The Role of Technology

  • Automated Conversion: Leveraging technology to automate the conversion of legacy diagrams into digital formats like SPPID or CAD.
  • Standardized Data Extraction: Utilizing AI and machine learning to standardize data extraction processes, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Digital Twin: Creating searchable P&IDs that can be linked to other data sources to push information to engineers supporting quick and intelligent decision

How Can We Help You? 

HubHead and DataSeer’s AI Service combines human-level understanding with machine speed to build a scalable knowledge data store of engineering designs. By integrating these solutions with your existing EAM/CMMS systems and creating a digital twin, you can enhance decision-making and streamline your maintenance processes. Contact us for a free demo or book a call. 

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