Find and Visualize Maintenance Information Faster

Keeping maintenance technicians focused on maintenance is key. Their productivity and efficiency depend on having everything they need to carry out a work order in a timely manner. Ensuring maintenance technicians can locate the equipment in their work orders, and quickly obtain the necessary spare parts they require is essential. Most companies stock critical spares to reduce production down time. They also retain parts catalogs, detailed drawings, and equipment manuals to help improve maintenance productivity. But if the technician can’t find the equipment to be maintained, or the wrong parts are stocked, or if the correct part number cannot be determined, wrench time is significantly reduced. The technician wastes valuable time searching for manuals, trying to determine part number, or simply guessing while ordering materials. As a result, wrench time may be decreased by as much as 40%.


How We Help

We help our customers extract maximum value from their maintenance technicians by eliminating time wasted searching for assets, equipment, and spare parts. Our solutions make maintenance more efficient by bringing visual content, such as plant maps, exploded parts diagrams, and photos right to the maintenance technicians’ fingertips. We help our customers increase wrench time by at least 25%, and save at least 10% in the cost of ongoing maintenance and operations.

Navigating Maps of the Physical Plant to Find Assets and Equipment Quickly and Accurately

Our solutions help our customers use visual plant maps to locate assets within their facilities. Using our software, maintenance technicians can visualize the maintenance parts catalogue and “drill down” into a physical location within their facility and view the assets located there. They can access all of the information for an asset, including photographs, parts catalogs, manuals, and engineering documents directly from a work order in their EAM or CMMS system. Our solutions help our customers improve maintenance response times, especially during equipment failures, and help to reduce time lost searching for information.


Choosing Parts and Equipment for Work Orders by Visual Selection

Our solutions make maintenance more visual. We help our customers reduce incorrect part orders and drastically reduce the time it takes for their maintenance technicians to locate and select the correct equipment and parts for a work order. Our solutions integrate with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems (IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle eAM, Infor EAM, and others) to bring our visualization capabilities right to the maintenance personnel entering transactional data. We help our customers associate supporting documentation, such as photos, parts catalogs, maintenance guides, and engineering documents directly with a piece of equipment. This information is then easily accessed from a work order. Consequently, we help our customers experience an increase in wrench time by up to 25% by making it easier and faster for maintenance workers to find the information they need to do their jobs.

Optimizing Inventory and Eliminating Duplicates through Visualization

Our solutions help our customers reduce the stocking of unnecessary parts by eliminating duplicate and obsolete inventory. We help them visually identify critical spares for their assets, and use intelligent searching and filtering to locate unnecessary inventory. Our customers further rely on our solutions to help them easily match vendor part numbers to spare parts in their warehouse, and can be assured that they are stocking the right quantities of the right parts. Our solutions help our customers achieve a savings of at least 10% in the cost of ongoing maintenance and operations.


Consolidating All Asset-Related Documentation into a Single, Reliable Source

Our solutions help our customers reduce confusion by allowing them to consolidate all asset-related documentation into a single and reliable source. Our solutions make it easy for our customers to create an association between an asset and all of the information needed to properly maintain it (photographs, drawings, parts catalogs, maintenance manuals, engineering documents). NRX AssetHub, in combination with document management and engineering content management solutions (such as Documentum, Sharepoint, or LiveLink), provides our customers with end-to-end management of key documents and engineering data for their assets. Maintenance workers can access applicable documents directly from work orders, saving them time.

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We help our customers reduce their ongoing maintenance and operations costs by at least 10% and increase wrench time by more than 25%