CMMS and EAM Master Data Build for Asset and Maintenance Data

To build EAM or CMMS asset and maintenance data for a single piece of equipment can be tricky and time-consuming, and requires subject-matter knowledge and high-quality supporting documentation. Consequently, to build out the asset and maintenance data for many objects, as in a large capital build project, can take years, and typically results in the creation and handover of incomplete, inaccurate, and low-quality asset and maintenance data.

How We Help

Our software helps our customers build data for, and deploy data to any EAM or CMMS system, including IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle EAM, Infor EAM, and others. Our software helps our customers be sure the data they deploy is accurate and complete, thereby saving them at least 50% of the expenses typically incurred, and helping them reduce the cost of on-going maintenance and operations.


Manage Data Handover from EPCs More Effectively

Our customers use the NRX AssetHub platform to better manage the handover of asset data, typically from contractors (like EPCs), over the course of the design, construction, commissioning, and start-up of a new capital project. Our easy-to-use load templates make it easy for contractors to conduct a CMMS or EAM master data build project that prepares, loads, and verifies data, identifying gaps and issues in real time. Companies that use our solutions save at least 50% of the cost associated with a CMMS data build and achieve a minimum 2.5% savings across on-going maintenance and operations.

Build and Edit Data Collaboratively

NRX AssetHub allows our customers to “stage” data outside of their target EAM or CMMS environment as it is acquired, providing their data builders and operational readiness staff with a collaborative area to edit and enrich new asset and maintenance data. Our solution also makes it easy to validate new data against adopted corporate standards (like PAS 55, ISO 55000, ISO 14224, and ISO 15926) and provides our customers with built-in reports to help them better gauge the completeness of their data build efforts. When ready, the data can be easily loaded into any EAM system, such as IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle eAM, Infor EAM, and others.


Find and Resolve Data Issues Faster

Loading assets and associated data from disparate sources (including existing CMMS, engineering, reliability, and spares systems) without duplication or omission is extremely difficult. Our solutions give our customers the power to find and rectify data issues, including duplicated, non-compliant and missing components during large-scale CMMS migration or EAM implementation projects. Reports easily identify non-compliant data, such as required fields that are missing, or safety-critical equipment without BOMs or maintenance plans.


Associate Parts & Content with Ease

Our solutions make it easy for our customers to associate parts catalogs, content, and recommended spares lists with assets, making finding and ordering spare parts during operations much faster. At a glance, a maintenance technician can view parts catalogs, maintenance information, engineering documents, photographs, and more. In fact, we help our customers increase wrench time by at least 25% simply by making it easier for maintenance workers to find the information they need to perform their job.

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NRX AssetHub for Building Asset and Maintenance Data

Business Value

We help our customers reduce the cost of building, migrating, validating, and deploying asset and maintenance data by at least 50%