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19 Jan 2018

How cloud computing is changing the world of EAM

Most of us use the cloud on a day-to-day basis for personal use with our smartphones, tablets and laptop.  Platforms such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and others are upsetting many traditional business models. Cloud computing is also changing the business world including the world of Enterprise Asset Management. There are real advantages to moving your EAM to the cloud....

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16 Jan 2018

Is finding materials in your EAM system hard?

Finding correct materials is a continuing challenge for many maintenance planners at asset-intensive organizations. From misnamed parts, nowhere to store legacy parts descriptions to confusing duplicates, the concerns are real and challenging. As companies realize that their descriptions of parts do not adhere to any sort of naming conventions or are not listed by part type with relevant characteristics...

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11 Jan 2018

Major issues that companies with poor maintenance BOMS face

Asset-intensive companies require maintenance BOMs to find and order spare parts that are needed to maintain assets. This will help you save money and increase wrench time by allowing your maintenance personnel can quickly locate required parts. What are some issues that companies with poor maintenance BOMs face? Difficulty of identifying correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work...

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09 Jan 2018

Make your New Year resolution to cleanse your data!

Make your New Year resolution to cleanse your data! It is a continuous challenge for asset-intensive organizations dealing with extremely poor data. Poor data can drastically increase your companies’ maintenance costs. It can also affect your organization greatly when your company suffers through downtime at important times. Your poor data also result in decreased maintenance productivity, as well as...

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19 Dec 2017

Detox Your EAM Data in 3 Easy Steps

Have you looked through your EAM data recently and realized that it is difficult to analyze and identify inaccuracies? When your EAM data is all over the place, it is hard to make the necessary adjustments when automating a cleansing process. Detoxing your data will not only improve the efficiency of your company but will also allow you to...

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14 Dec 2017

Perfect Master Data- Is It Possible?

Asset-intensive companies have many pieces of equipment. When dealing with such large numbers, it is critical that companies have a good way of keeping track of maintenance and master data so that nothing falls through the cracks. When your equipment breaks down, it can result in lost production and millions of dollars in lost income. Tracking equipment maintenance is...

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12 Dec 2017

Search for Spare Parts Faster!

Finding and ordering spare parts is a hassle for many asset-intensive organizations. When your equipment breaks down or requires routine maintenance, maintenance personnel need to be able to easily figure out what spare parts are required to complete the work. So why do companies struggle with finding and ordering spare parts? It could be because the information was entered...

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07 Dec 2017

It Is Not Difficult to Cleanse Your Data!

Is your company dealing with poor data? Don’t worry, you can cleanse your data! We know that poor data can drastically increase your companies’ maintenance costs. It can also tremendously affect your organization when your company experiences unexpected downtime at critical times. Your poor data also decreases maintenance productivity, as well as exposes your company to EH&S risks. You...

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05 Dec 2017

Maintenance BOMs Will Save Your Life!

Yes! You heard us, better maintenance BOMs will save your companies’ life. But what is a bill of material exactly? Well, in an EAM system, an equipment BOM captures spare part information for a piece of equipment. This information is used during maintenance to determine the correct spare parts to replace. In an asset intensive company, not only do...

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