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12 Oct 2018

Back to Basics: Making Ordering Spare Parts Painless

Ordering spare parts remains one of the fundamental practices of employees at asset-intensive companies. Considering that maintenance work is heavily reliant on these parts for machine upkeep and repairs, ensuring that they are ordered correctly and efficiently is a top priority. Given its regularity, it’s no surprise that ordering spare parts can become a complicated affair, especially if your spare...

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10 Oct 2018

Back to Basics: Best Practices for Maintenance Notifications

Good maintenance notifications are important for asset-intensive companies. Typically included in EAM systems such as SAP PM, they help employees to identify what parts need servicing and include important information that outlines details about the required maintenance. They are used to prioritize maintenance activities and determine the action required. What’s the Problem? Given how instrumental maintenance notifications are in...

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05 Oct 2018

Back to Basics: Efficient Equipment Tag Management Systems

Asset-intensive companies use a large number of equipment tags to locate and monitor their assets. They are a means to internally organize important physical capital and are heavily relied upon by employees. Many companies struggle with implementing these identifiers effectively, largely due to lack of an efficient equipment tag management solution. The Issues There is a significant lack of...

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27 Sep 2018

Back to Basics: Why simplifying BOMs is beneficial

Simplifying BOMs Asset-Intensive companies use BOMs to order parts, conduct maintenance and to ensure that machinery and operations are conducted in an efficient fashion. All too often though, they lay riddled with misinformation, incomplete lists and other errors and complications that drag down their overall effectiveness. Worse, they may be so unreliable they don’t get used at all.  This...

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13 Sep 2018

Shifting the Gears to Success: The Benefits of KPIs in your EAM data

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a crucial tool in evaluating the progress of goals set by businesses. They provide objective evidence that aids in decision making and planning for future projects. Ranging from measuring efficiency, to quality and resource utilization, the benefits of KPIs are ubiquitous and vital across all industries. While it may seem that KPIs only serve...

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10 Sep 2018

One Size Does Not Fit All

September 10, 2018Blog

Picking the right software for your company is a complicated task. This process is extremely bureaucratic due to the number of people that need to agree upon and approve of the software purchase. Often, the team that chooses or approves the software works separately from the team that uses the software. This can result in differing opinions on which...

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05 Sep 2018

Fixing 10% can make 90% of the Difference

Why is it so tempting to put off doing a corporate data cleanse? Partially, the huge upfront cost. Companies would much rather spend on something that is tangible like brand new equipment, or larger facilities. Then there is the manpower required to efficiently run a company wide data cleanse. Several players need to be involved in this process to...

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