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17 Nov 2017

What Should Your SAP Plant Maintenance Solution Look Like?

Looking for a way to reduce your maintenance backlogs, improve your maintenance strategies and save on SAP PM training costs? Many asset-intensive companies struggle when it comes to finding the perfect solution to help ensure that their corporate guidelines for notifications and work orders are met, with more complete, accurate and meaningful results. So, what exactly do you need...

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14 Nov 2017

Regulatory Compliance Doesn’t Have to be Time Consuming!

Did you know you could save at least 50% of the time and cost typically incurred auditing and validating asset and maintenance data for regulatory compliance? Many asset-intensive companies struggle when it comes to improving reliability or performance standards compliance. For one, compliance issues are a major road block. There is no easy way to verify that the maintenance...

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10 Nov 2017

Repairing Data Can Be Quite Easy

Having complete and accurate data is the ideal situation in many asset-intensive companies. But even if your asset and maintenance data may be complete and accurate now, over time, it’ll begin to degrade as assets are upgraded or decommissioned. You must be constantly updating the master data in your EAM/CMMS system, or else everything will become out of date....

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07 Nov 2017

Too Many Maintenance Documents, Too Little Time!

Are you having a hard time finding documents about assets in your enterprise document management system? Or maybe you are having trouble integrating between maintenance processes that are based on EAM/CMMS workflows and the document management systems. Whatever the case may be, many asset intensive companies that want to integrate their EAM/CMMS system with an enterprise document management solution...

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02 Nov 2017

Don’t Let Poor Data Ruin Your Asset Integrity

Asset integrity is defined by the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently while ensuring the protection of EH&S principles. But what happens when your assets are incorrectly represented in your EAM and CMMS system? There are 3 components in which incomplete and inaccurate EAM and CMMS data will affect asset integrity. Consequences of...

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31 Oct 2017

Save Money on Spare Parts Management!

Would you believe us if we told you that you could achieve savings of at least 10% in ongoing maintenance and operations with better methods for managing your spare parts? In asset-intensive companies, having effective spare parts management helps reduce costs while keeping operations running smoothly. But to achieve an effective method for managing your spare parts, you need...

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27 Oct 2017

Why Is Organizing Your Asset Hierarchy So Challenging!

Companies are always striving for improvement and this is no different for asset-intensive companies who want to improve their asset hierarchy. Whether you are building out a new facility or simply trying to reorganize data for an existing facility, it is always best to align your CMMS equipment hierarchy with an international standard. But, many asset-intensive organizations tend to...

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24 Oct 2017

Effectively Cleanse Data with 3 Easy Steps!

When your organization has incomplete and inaccurate data, it ultimately affects major aspects of the infrastructure such as maintenance, operations, asset integrity, reliability, materials utilization, engineering and planning. Many companies fail to effectively cleanse data and ensure that their data is up-to-date and complete, which results in bad data. Therefore, generating high-quality EAM data is critical for your operations...

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19 Oct 2017

The “Don’ts” of an EAM Migration!

Data migration is often a lengthy process. Hence, many asset-intensive companies who are migrating data to an EAM system from one or more existing asset management systems want simply to get it right and to migrate it quickly. But why do asset-intensive companies want to migrate their data to a new EAM system? Perhaps it’s because their data quality...

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17 Oct 2017

How to Increase Your Wrench Time!

Maintenance technicians have an important job and that is to be focused on maintaining. For them to be productive and efficient, having everything they need to carry out a work order is highly crucial. This includes being able to locate the equipment in their work orders and quickly obtain the necessary spare parts that they require. It also means that...

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