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20 Sep 2017

7 Ways To Reduce Downtime During Repairs & Maintenance

Finding and ordering spare parts that have low maintenance costs, while keeping operations running smoothly, should not be a difficult and stressful task for an asset-intensive organization. Unfortunately, in most businesses, this task is very challenging, especially when separate organizations are dealing with different problems. During repairs or routine maintenance, often times organizations do not know which parts are...

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19 Sep 2017

Say Goodbye to Compliance Issues

Is your asset-intensive company struggling with compliance issues that result in high costs? Are you having trouble verifying that the maintenance plans and inspection tasks programmed into your EAM conform to your corporate performance standards? Or, are you finding it difficult to update these items in your EAM system because your corporate performance standards have changed? If you answered...

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14 Sep 2017

Feeling Stuck Searching for Materials in Your EAM System?

For many asset-intensive organizations, it is an ongoing challenge to find the correct materials in their EAM system. Whether their system has misnamed parts, no storage system for legacy parts descriptions, or selecting the correct parts to plan work orders is hindered, the concerns are real and very challenging. As companies discover that their parts descriptions do not adhere to...

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12 Sep 2017

Is Your Safety Critical Equipment Adhering to Performance & Reliability Standards?

Are you rolling out a new facility that must comply with several performance and reliability standards? Do you have an existing facility that requires updates for these standards? Whatever your maintenance and reliability initiatives involve, ensuring there is accuracy in your compliance and maintenance management system is critical.  In addition, having the assurance that these measures are carried out...

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08 Sep 2017

5 Secrets to Destroying Information Silos

In asset-intensive organizations, communication breakdowns between engineering and operations teams is extremely common, yet is an issue that will continue to persist if the right resources are not implemented. These breakdowns, also known as information silos, occur when areas of the organization are not communicating effectively.  For example, engineering professionals specialize in how to design and build the assets,...

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06 Sep 2017

How To Keep Your Maintenance Documents In Line

When it comes to maintenance documents, how do you manage them? Do you have a cabinet full of binders crammed with important engineering and maintenance documents? Do you have a drawer overflowing with USBs, or a network drive full of PDFs? Perhaps you have a Document Management System (DMS) that stores all of your engineering and maintenance documentation in one...

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31 Aug 2017

3 Reasons Why Change is Good When Managing Data Quality

When it comes to asset and maintenance data quality, the consequences of remaining stagnant can be dire for your asset intensive business. Do you want the ability to control changes to your EAM/ CMMS data? Do you want an approval process to ensure the changes meet your criteria? Perhaps you are looking for a way to ensure the data...

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29 Aug 2017

How To Streamline Your Equipment Tags and Take Them To The Next Level

Is your company struggling to implement an effective process for allocating equipment tags? If so, you’re not alone. Managing huge numbers of equipment tags to identify and track assets can be overwhelming. They must be unique, informative and well organized. Although most companies have implemented some sort of process, it may be doing more harm than good. Unfortunately for...

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24 Aug 2017

Bad Spreadsheet Data? Perhaps a Little Magic Can Help!

August 24, 2017Blog

Spreadsheets are great at sums and numbers, but they are not databases. If you’re using Excel to manage your asset-intensive business, you may be struggling to view the data you need for maintenance and equipment analysis. Furthermore, you may be experiencing inefficiencies in collecting and reporting data, especially when multiple people are involved in the reporting process. As a result,...

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23 Aug 2017

Building & Sustaining Your Asset Data Foundation

What is an Asset Data Foundation? An Asset Data Foundation is made up of high-quality master data, including Maintenance Master Data, accurately reflecting the physical plant and its needs. This data stands as the backbone of effective Maintenance Work Management and Asset Management. For asset-intensive organizations, the range of data extends from assets (functional locations, equipment) through their attributes,...

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