Reorganizing Asset Hierarchies

Companies should adopt clear standards for creating and managing their asset hierarchies. The standards should have sufficient detail to avoid misinterpretation and ensure consistency across multiple facilities. Ideally the corporate standard should be based on an appropriate industry stand like ISO 14224 for Oil and Gas or RDS-PP or KKS for power generation. Industry standards promote supply chain efficiency between suppliers and owner operators, facilitate sharing information across sites and help Oil and Gas companies better collect reliability and maintenance (RM) data for equipment in all their facilities during the operational life cycle of their equipment. Standardizing the collection of failure information makes it possible to improve reliability through RCM and FMEA analysis.

How We Help

We provide advisory services on developing standards for creating and reorganizing asset hierarchies to companies in many different asset intensive industries. We can help you develop an appropriate standard for your company. Our NRX assetHub software solution is the ideal tool for reorganizing asset hierarchies according to an appropriate standard. Our consultants can do the heavy lifting required to reorganize your assets for your approval prior to loading into your EAM or CMMS solution. We can also get your hierarchy ready to load into reliability analysis, data collection, operations, condition monitoring or Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) solutions.

Convert Functional Locations to Equipment and Vice Versa

Sometimes in an EAM implementation an asset gets added to the hierarchy as a location rather than an asset, or vice versa. NRX AssetHub helps you easily convert a functional location to an equipment and vice versa while preserving the historical information.


Easily Align the Asset Hierarchy with your Standard

NRX AssetHub provides a staging area where the easy-to-use interface lets users drag and drop objects into the correct place in the visual hierarchy. The copy and paste functionality makes it easy to replicate common data.


Quickly Identify Any Equipment that Does Not Comply

NRX AssetHub uses rules to determine conformance with your asset hierarchy standard, and flags any objects that do not comply with the rules. Users can search for anomalies not adhering to the standard, so they can take corrective action. Intelligent search and find capabilities make locating any object in the hierarchy simple.

Add Missing Maintainable Items

Often EAM implementations don’t go deeply enough into the hierarchy to identify all maintainable items that you want to maintain in your EAM. NRX AssetHub makes it easy to add missing maintainable items in your existing asset hierarchy.



Export Data Ready to Load into an EAM, CMMS, or RCM System

NRX AssetHub allows customers to export their data in formats ready to load into an EAM, CMMS or even RCM, IIoT or condition monitoring system. When the project is completed, or iteratively throughout the project, users can easily export some or all of their data, and resynchronize it in their CMMS or EAM system.



Easily Track the Progress of the Project

As the project progresses, NRX AssetHub’s intelligent filtering can be used to locate any of the equipments missing data. Users run the Data Quality Analysis report to measure both the completeness of the data, and its accuracy, and can quickly identify any missing or inaccurate data. Comprehensive audit reports provide a record of all changes made.

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