Benchmarking Services

Our professional services team helps customers assess their current EAM/CMMS usage against industry best practices. We work with some of the largest global asset-intensive companies and we have a breadth of experience in aligning EAM/CMMS data to various industry standards. Our team can provide practical advice on adopting best practices based on the ROI to your business.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Services Team

Our services team offers expertise in working with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions including SAP Plant Maintenance, Oracle EAM, IBM Maximo, ABB Ventyx Suite and many others. We can guide you to the best way to bridge the gap between your current practices and industry best practices no matter which system you’ve already adopted. Consulting our experts before you start fixing processes and master data on an ad hoc basis can be beneficial in many ways:


  • Understand the current state of your EAM/CMMS data and processes
  • Understand industry best practices and gaps that need to be bridged
  • Convince budget holders of the benefits
  • Receive a roadmap and solid plan for improvement
  • Identify low hanging fruit with the biggest impact

Best Practices  

To adopt efficient maintenance processes, you need to ensure that your asset data is accurate and reliable. The benefits of benchmarking your current usage against industry best practices will allow you to make improvements:


  • Decrease unproductive wrench time
  • Schedule, plan, and prioritize maintenance for critical assets
  • Find accurate asset information quickly
  • Adopt APM efficiently
  • Reduce unplanned downtime

Tailored Recommendations

Our benchmarking team can provide you with tailored recommendations and offer practical advice on how to improve your processes going forward.


  • Find out the most efficient way to bridge the gaps between your current procedures and industry best practices
  • Get a tangible report from our experts on how you are currently doing compared to peers in your industry
  • Identify priority fixes and low hanging fruit
  • Get the expected ROI from your EAM/CMMS