CMMS and EAM Data Quality Analysis

Is your CMMS or EAM data complete and accurate? If you are like most asset-intensive companies, probably not.
NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a powerful Data Quality Report to analyze data and quickly and easily identifies the gaps and inaccuracies in their CMMS data. It also reports on non-compliances and operational integrity issues. Our customers rely on our solution to highlight asset and maintenance data inadequacies, and provide easy to follow recommendations for creating high-quality data.

How Our Customers Use Our Software

  • To identify gaps and inadequacies in asset and maintenance data in a production CMMS or EAM system
  • To report on non-compliant asset and maintenance data in a production CMMS or EAM system
  • To iteratively monitor the progress and quality of a data build or data repair project
  • To communicate data quality issues to consultants and contractors

Better insight into data quality

Make the data build process more complete, faster, and more transparent. Deliver better maintenance data to your CMMS, and save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred during a data build.


Power operational excellence

With better maintenance data comes better maintenance. We help our customers increase maintenance productivity by an average of 25%.


Identify Gaps and Inadequacies in Data

NRX AssetHub helps our customers with CMMS and EAM data quality analysis in systems, such as IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle EAM, Infor EAM, and others. Our powerful Data Quality Report identifies missing data based on a predefined set of criteria, such as maintenance plans that are missing tasks lists, and measures the completeness of the data specification for each object. The report highlights gaps and anomalies in virtually every object type, providing our customers with the right information and tools needed to enact the right repairs, at the right time.


Report on Non-Compliant Data in a CMMS or EAM System

NRX AssetHub allows our customers to measure the compliance of their data against an established standard. The Data Quality Report identifies areas of concern, focusing on those that affect operational integrity, such as reporting on safety-critical equipment without a maintenance plan. Our solution provides the capability for our customers to validate data against adopted corporate standards, such as ISO 14224 and ISO 15926. Our solution also provides a comprehensive audit trail, providing accountability, and verification of changes as required. Consequently, our customers can be assured their data meets their industry and corporate standards.


Iteratively Monitor the Progress & Quality of a Data Build Project

During a data build, our customers use the Data Quality Report to track progress in real time. The report summarizes the number of objects loaded into the system, and reports on the completeness of the data for each object. Our customers can schedule the report to run periodically, and watch as the build progresses. During a data repair project, our customers use the Data Quality Reports to drive the changes required to make their data complete and compliant. With the assurance of better quality data, our customers have confidence in the validity of work orders generated.


Communicate Data Quality Issues to Consultants & Contractors

NRX AssetHub allows our customers to generate reports to communicate data quality issues to consultants and contractors hired to assemble and load CMMS data. The reports can highlight issues that might otherwise be difficult to measure and communicate. During a data build or repair exercise, our customers can use these reports to verify progress reported by contractors or to challenge the results of the project. The reports provide a detailed breakdown of the errors and omissions in the data, giving our customers the ammunition they need to challenge the results of the project, in real time. This allows our customers to stay on top of the project, and effect change on a continuous basis.


What’s Next?

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