NRX AssetHub for Implementing RDS-PP or KKS in Power Generation

NRX AssetHub provides maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with world-class software solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems. One of the things our customers use NRX AssetHub for is to align their EAM asset hierarchy with RDS-PP or KKS, to provide a uniform hierarchy that extends across generating technologies, business units and even companies.

Business Benefits

  • Easily align the asset hierarchy with RDS-PP or KKS codes
  • Easily track progress
  • Monitor third party contractors
  • Export Data ready to load into an EAM, CMMS or RCM system
  • Convert functional locations to equipment and vice versa
  • Add missing maintainable items

Save Time & Money

We help our customers save at least 50% of the time and cost typically incurred preparing and validating data for RDS-PP or KKS compliance.


Easily Align the Asset Hierarchy with RDS-PP or KKS Codes

NRX AssetHub provides a staging area for cleansing data to load it into an EAM/CMMS system. It allows users to drag and drop objects within the hierarchy individually or as an entire branch. It makes it easy to add RDS-PP or KKS codes either one location at a time or in bulk. It also allows you to easily reuse data and templates with correct codes.


Easily Track Progress

As the project progresses, NRX AssetHub intelligent filtering can be used to locate any locations missing designations. Users run the Data Quality Analysis report to measure both the completeness of the data, and its accuracy, and can quickly identify any missing or inaccurate. Comprehensive audit reports provide a record of all changes made.


Monitor Third Party Contractors

Our solution allows you to monitor the performance of third party contractors who are helping you implement RDS-PP or KKS standards. This ensures that they deliver what they are supposed to deliver and are being cost effective.


Export Data Ready to Load into an EAM, CMMS or RCM System

NRX AssetHub allows customers to export their data in formats ready to load into EAM, CMMS or even RCM systems. When the project is complete, or iteratively throughout the project, users can easily export some or all of their data, and resynchronize it in their CMMS or EAM system, ready for the next phase of RDS-PP or KKS implementation.


Convert Functional Locations to Equipment and Vice Versa

Sometimes in an EAM implementation, an asset gets added to the hierarchy as a location rather than an asset, or vice versa. NRX AssetHub helps you easily convert a functional location to an equipment and vice versa while preserving the historical information.


Add Missing Maintainable Items

Often EAM implementation doesn’t go deeply into the hierarchy to identify all maintainable items that you want to maintain in your EAM. NRX AssetHub makes it easy to add missing maintainable items to your existing asset hierarchy.


What’s Next?

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