Your company worked hard towards its goals in 2019 and you’re already on track to fulfilling new ones in 2020; that’s great! Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) are necessary in corporate planning, benchmarking and most importantly, recognizing areas for opportunity.

Although establishing firm and effective KPIs can be extremely crucial to a company’s overall success, many continue to track and utilize their precious asset and maintenance data ineffectively, costing them tremendous amounts of time, money, and resources. Often times, misunderstanding a complete set of data or simply not being able to pick up on underlying trends could mean the difference between a significant achievement and a missed opportunity – Data visualization is one of the most effective ways to optimize KPIs.

Transforming Visualization into Effect

Of course, KPIs are important in themselves, but it’s the actions that come of them that really count. If a set of data is unable to be properly analyzed and comprehended to the fullest extent, effective action cannot take place. Data visualization allows for a myriad of differing assets to be showcased through graphical and pictorial displays, making maintenance tasks and associated workflows noticeably faster and easier for technicians. Additionally, the related master data can also be overviewed through these insightful mediums, ultimately simplifying your information to be seamlessly integrated into business strategies. As such, this method of presentation proves vital to understanding the metrics provided by your data, and with this, can help analysts identify newfound patterns that will aid your company in making important decisions in the future.

Leave the Data Visualization to Us

Data visualization is an intrinsic part of establishing, developing, and reaping the benefits of your valuable KPIs. With NRX AssetHub, transferring both your assets and maintenance master data into clean, informative visuals can be done with ease. We help you with achieving complete and accurate asset data, which is necessary if you want to have useful and accurate KPIs. Use our simple reporting tool to understand how complete and accurate your data is.

Track your maintenance master data completeness with NRX AssetHub
Our platform provides the support you need to thoroughly obtain, organize, analyze, and visualize all kinds of data to accomplish your goals and drastically expand upon your company’s capabilities. Interested in seeing what NRX AssetHub has to offer firsthand? Be sure to contact us for a personalized demo to find out how you can optimize KPIs of your own.

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