EAM and CMMS Data Governance

Data validations and approval are critical to all aspects of the data life cycle, from initial creation, to repair, to managing changes for operational assets. For many businesses, however, the focus lies on maintaining the quality of their existing asset and maintenance data in their EAM or CMMS systems. This process is often referred to as Management of Change (MOC). When a business has taken the time and care to build high-quality asset and maintenance data, or they have invested time and resources to repair inaccurate or incomplete data, it makes good business sense to put the tools and processes in place to keep the data right. Organizations want to ensure that they can quickly and easily collect, approve, and memorialize changes to in-operation data for every asset, until it is decommissioned.

How We Help

We provide our customers with a standards-driven, Management of Change (MOC) solution for validating changes to EAM and CMMS data across any stage of the asset information life cycles. By ensuring that changes to data are approved against business rules and other corporate standards, our customers are able to remain confident that their data is correct, compliant, and accessible to the right personnel. Our solutions help our customers reduce their ongoing maintenance and operations costs by at least 2.5%.


Managing Changes to EAM and CMMS Data

Whether they are in the process of preparing data for a new project, or simply looking to preserve the integrity of their operating data, our customers view EAM and CMMS data governance efficiency as a key enabler of efficient maintenance and operations. We help our customers ensure the data in their EAM systems, such as IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle eAM, Infor EAM, and others, consistently meets the requirements they have defined. This may include compliance with industry standards (such as PAS 55, ISO 55000, ISO 14224, and ISO 15926), approval process enforcement, or the application of general business rules, like ensuring all mandatory fields contain a value.


Viewing and Auditing Changes to Data

Keeping record of all changes made to EAM or CMMS data over time can be difficult, especially when a business relies heavily on spreadsheets. Our customers know they can depend on our solutions to capture any and all changes to data across any stage of an asset’s life. This information is vital for our customers as it provides them with a detailed and historically accurate record of how their maintained assets have changed over time.

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NRX AssetHub for Managing and Approving Changes to Asset and Maintenance Data

Business Value

We help our customers reduce their ongoing maintenance and operations costs by 2.5%