Prepare for IIoT

The digital transformation to IIoT requires more than adopting new technologies. It requires changes to people, processes and to information management. Without an effective system to manage asset information you will not be successful in adopting IIoT.


How We Help

We help our customers plan where and how to implement IIoT and condition monitoring for maintenance and operations. Our NRX AssetHub solution helps customers manage their asset and maintenance data required to successfully implement IIoT across all of their key systems including manufacturing, production, DCS, EAM, CMMS, reliability and other systems.

Prioritize the implementation of IIoT and plan how IIoT will be integrated into your current maintenance processes

Generating more alerts and creating more work orders will not improve your maintenance and operations unless you are able to prioritize and plan effectively. To prioritize effectively you need to track and rank assets based on relevant metrics like criticality, frequency and cost of maintenance and whether condition monitoring will reduce downtime and maintenance costs. To plan effectively you need to understand the current inspection and maintenance strategies for each asset. You also want to be able to visualize all relevant asset information in one place: both structured and unstructured information like drawings and documents. Without a tool to help you prioritize and plan effectively your IIoT initiatives will not maximize your ROI.


Make the necessary changes needed to your asset and maintenance master data to implement IIoT effectively

Most companies lack an adequate asset and maintenance master data foundation to implement IIoT effectively. Asset information may be missing. Equipment may be unclassified or not classified properly. Criticality may be missing or incorrect. Task lists may be missing, incomplete or poorly structured. These and many more master data issues need to be fixed before you can implement IIoT effectively. NRX AssetHub helps you manage your asset and maintenance master data efficiently. It helps you identify issues, track KPIs and manage the process of improving data for a project or on an ongoing basis.


Validate and approve your asset and maintenance master data so you know it will support your IIoT initiatives

NRX AssetHub helps you stage and visualize all of your asset and maintenance master data in one place and track all of the changes required to implement IIoT. Data can be validated against industry best practices and your applicable corporate standards. It can also go through an efficient flexible approvals process.

Load Asset Data into to all of the Manufacturing, Production, DCS, EAM and other systems required to implement IIoT effectively

In order for all of the different systems that can benefit from IIoT to work together effectively they need to have consistent asset and maintenance data. NRX AssetHub can load consistent, validated and approved data into all the different applicable systems. NRX AssetHub provides a 360 degree view of all the information available across all of these systems. This lets you make good decisions and optimize operations, production and maintenance. NRX AssetHub makes sure you get all of the benefits of implementing IIoT to maximize your ROI.

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