EAM and CMMS Data Governance and Data Approval

Monitor, control, and approve changes to data. NRX AssetHub provides asset-intensive companies with a software platform designed to help them continually monitor, report on, and manage the quality of their CMMS or EAM data. Our customers use NRX AssetHub to quickly and easily collect, approve, and memorialize changes to data, from asset construction to decommissioning. Our solutions facilitate the on-going validation of asset data integrity using integrated business rules and workflow processes. NRX AssetHub allows our customers to avoid the pitfalls of data decay typically associated with disconnected, spreadsheet-powered, Management of Change (MOC) processes.

How Our Customers Use Our Software
  • To automate and document the process of making, approving, and changing CMMS asset and maintenance data

More wrench time

NRX AssetHub helps our customers increase wrench time by at least 25% by ensuring maintenance personnel have all the information they need at their fingertips to perform the right maintenance at the right time.


Better maintenance

NRX AssetHub helps our customers achieve a savings of at least 2.5% on the cost of on-going maintenance and operations.


Capture Changes from the Field

NRX AssetHub provides a single access point of EAM and CMMS data governance for maintenance and operations personnel, and external contractors, This gives our customers the confidence to trust that any change, regardless of how critical or routine, will be captured and reflected in their CMMS or EAM asset and maintenance data. Our solutions make it easy for them to visualize all of the data for a facility or a given asset, providing the assurance that the data is complete, or highlighting areas where it is not yet ready for operations.


Validate and Memorialize Changes

NRX AssetHub allows our customers and their contractors to collaboratively analyze, edit, and validate data outside of their EAM or CMMS environment. Our solutions give our customers the power to leverage business rules that guide remediation and approvals and enforce corporate standards as applicable. Once changes to the data have been approved, NRX AssetHub provides the capability to deploy the updated data into a CMMS or EAM system with ease.


Monitor On-going Data Quality

For many businesses, maintaining the quality of their existing asset and maintenance data is important, but challenging. When a business has invested the resources to build high-quality EAM or CMMS asset and maintenance data, or to rebuild their data, they need the tools and processes to keep it valid. NRX AssetHub enables our customers to monitor the quality of their data on a continuous basis. Our solutions provide the necessary reports, monitoring capabilities, and auditing functionality to effectively allow our customers to identify and mitigate issues, and ensure their data consistently meets the requirements they have defined.





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