How We Help


Asset-intensive organizations invest billions of dollars worldwide in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems to meet their maintenance and reliability goals. Yet, many fail to ensure that the data in these systems is accurate and accessible. Without an adequate data foundation, asset and maintenance management systems will fail to support the business. It is simply not possible to be strategic, and continuously improve operations without assurance that decisions are based on data that is valid and fit for the purpose. NRX AssetHub can help.

What Defines High-Quality EAM and CMMS Asset and Maintenance Data?
  • Always current, 100% complete, and accurate
  • Meets requirements defined by industry and corporate standards
  • Reflects what is physically in place
  • Includes the appropriate strategies to extract maximum performance from every asset
  • Includes complete and accurate information about the parts required to support maintenance work
  • Includes the content (parts catalogs, images, documentation, etc.) required to support maintenance work
  • Is easily accessible to personnel that depend on it to do their jobs quickly, accurately, and consistently
Our solutions help our customers analyze, build, repair and optimize, and manage and approve the data they need to achieve excellence in maintenance and operations.

Our customers use our solutions to easily identify gaps and inadequacies in their asset and maintenance data.

Our customers use our solutions to simplify and control their maintenance processes, and to find and visualize asset, equipment, and parts faster.