NRX for Work Order Analysis

NRX provides maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with world-class software solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) And Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) system. One of the solutions our customers use is the NRX Work Order Analysis SaaS solution for dashboarding and analyzing historical work orders. 


Asset-intensive companies may have a hard time getting meaningful information from their historical work orders due to incomplete or incorrect data. This makes it hard to analyze and report on the following:

  • Correct Equipment
  • Functional Location
  • Failure Codes
  • Downtime
  • Plant Status
  • Labor Hours
  • Materials Used
  • Work Completed

If the data is not captured or inputted correctly it makes it harder to make better informed decisions. Historical work orders can also be inconsistent because different parts of the business use different codes and follow different processes and procedures to complete work orders, preventing you from identifying the assets and maintenance tasks that are costing the most money and time. 


How We Help With Work Order Analysis

The reality is that most asset intensive companies have thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of assets that need to be maintained, and work orders can get easily disorganized if all the data is not correctly inputted. We provide customers with a staging area to improve the quality of the work order data efficiently; from normalizing codes across business units, correcting mistakes, adding missing information, moving data between fields, creating usable subsets of data for analysis and excluding outliers and unreliable data from analysis. 

We help companies by providing dashboards to report on work orders by: type, content, anomalies, time and cost. We also provide recommendations for improvement with respect to maintenance, reliability and EAM usage based on the analysis, supplemented by engineering services to identify causes and prioritize actions. 

Business Benefits

  • Easily accessed cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Quickly load historical work orders exported from EAM solutions
  • Compare money and time spent to industry norm


Business Benefits

  • Consistent maintenance work practices across business units
  • Save time on maintaining equipment
  • Schedule and plan work orders effectively 
  • Identify which assets/tasks are costing the most money


Easy to Setup

NRX for Work Order Analysis works out of the box to deliver an efficient data quality and reporting solution for asset and maintenance work order data with import/export, reports, dashboards, automations and cleansing functionality all pre-built. Waste less time on configuration and spend more time acting on actionable insights.


Eliminate the Risk of Using Spreadsheets and Human Errors

NRX for Work Order Analysis results in better decision making and reduces the risks associated with relying on one person, data loss, human error, poor human judgment and a natural tendency to want good results for your business unit. Better looking reports and dashboards, better ability to drill down, and actionable insights are all out-of-the-box.


Identify Areas for Improvement and Make Actionable Recommendations

NRX for Work Order Analysis provides actionable insight for management quickly and efficiently in a simple manner suitable for maintenance and reliability during operations. It provides a pathway to improving maintenance and operations for you to follow.


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