Asset Management Software Services

We help our customers achieve their project goals as quickly as possible by providing consulting and asset management software services such as deployment and configuration, software upgrades, cloud hosting, and software training.

Deployment and Configuration

Our asset management software team has a wealth of experience working with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, including SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), IBM Maximo, Oracle EAM, and ABB Ventyx Suite. This expertise gives our team the ability to guide our customers through the process of implementing our solutions, optimizing EAM performance, and adopting maintenance and asset management best practices. This includes:

  • Acquiring and transforming data from external sources, including Engineering systems and Spares and Materials systems
  • Applying reusable libraries and templates for building and repairing asset and maintenance data
  • Leveraging reusable business rules for maintenance and asset data validation
  • Migrating data and synchronizing data between multiple EAM systems


Software Upgrades

Our team offers services for customers looking to upgrade to the latest release of the NRX AssetHub platform, including NRX Asset Visualizer, NRX AssetAuditors, and NRX Maintenance Mentor. Our core upgrade-related services include:

  • Detailed and periodic upgrade assessments
  • Software deployment and configuration
  • Training on new features and capabilities


Cloud Hosting

OurThe NRX AssetHub platform is offered as either an on-premise solution or as a hosted service, residing in the cloud. We give our customers the flexibility to select the deployment model that best suits their business needs. In our experience, cloud instances of our solutions are very effective when used to facilitate continuous data handover (or exchange) with third-party contractors during capital project data builds or during data remediation projects. The cloud provides our customers with the ability to collaborate with their contractors in a way never thought possible.

Our customer’s data is backed up on a daily basis and is secured with dual-key encryption. The NRX AssetHub cloud environment can be set up rapidly, and is diligently maintained for maximized uptime and performance.


Software Training

We offer a list of fixed training offerings, as well as the ability to create and execute custom programs that meet the needs of our customers.