EAM and CMMS Digitization

Our team provides services to facilitate EAM and CMMS digitization of asset data in the NRX AssetHub platform, allowing maintenance personnel to easily locate visual information for equipment, parts, or locations.

Digitization of Equipment Manuals, Parts Books, and Plant Maps

Our team offers services for converting paper or electronic manuals to interactive parts books in NRX AssetVisualizer (part of the NRX AssetHub platform). Parts books enable reliability and maintenance organizations to visualize manufacturer-recommended parts with photographs, drawings, and schematics. Parts books also allow for SKU matching: a process in which manufacturer-recommended parts are intelligently mapped to warehouse parts. SKU matching ultimately reduces duplicate warehouse inventory, and can dramatically lower holding costs.


Asset Visualization and Materials Fulfillment

Our team works with customers to construct visual hierarchies of their plants to help them quickly locate critical spares and equipment. We use NRX AssetVisualizer to link visual content such as plant maps, equipment photographs, and parts books through hotspots to provide a virtual navigation experience.

Our team also works with customers to integrate NRX AssetVisulizer with EAM solutions to enable the visual fulfillment of spares and materials in transactional records such as work orders, service requests, and purchase requisitions. Visual fulfillment allows organizations to select spares and materials from a picture, such as a photograph or a drawing of the equipment. Visual fulfillment greatly reduces the time required for maintenance and materials experts to find the spares and materials required for work, and significantly reduces human error typically related to transactional.


Plant and Warehouse Audits

Our team provides plant and warehouse walk-down services to help generate visual content for assets and spares and ensure our customers’ digital records match what is physically in place. We use NRX AssetAuditors (part of the NRX AssetHub platform) to help organize the content and integrate it into the customer’s daily operations.

Migration from Maximo Asset Navigator™

With the retirement of Maximo Asset Navigator, our team offers an accelerated migration path to NRX AssetVisualizer. By working with our team, our customers are more easily able to retain manuals and parts lists created in Maximo Asset Navigator, while enjoying continued support and product enhancements found in NRX AssetVisualizer.

The migration team offers the following capabilities:

  • Automated conversion of Asset Navigator manuals
  • Visual navigation of plants, locations, and assets
  • Parts and materials fulfillment integration with work orders, service requests, and purchase requisitions
  • Content conversion services, including visual asset hierarchy creation and hot pointing
  • Software training for NRX AssetVisualizer

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Replacing Maximo Asset Navigator with NRX AssetVisualizer