Simple EAM and CMMS Data Quality Analysis

Organizations that want to analyze the quality of asset and maintenance data in a production EAM or CMMS system usually find it difficult, and labour-intensive. Identifying gaps in EAM and CMMS data during a data handover is equally challenging. How can you tell conclusively that the data provided by consultants and contractors is robust and complete? Accurately predicting a completion date for a data repair project is impossible if you can’t measure how complete your data is at any given time.

How We Help

We help our customers analyze and repair the quality of their EAM and CMMS data, allowing them to save up to 50% on the time and costs typically incurred during a data build or repair project.




Identify Gaps and Inadequacies Effortlessly

NRX AssetHub provides powerful reports that provide EAM and CMMS data quality analysis that measure the completeness and analyze the quality of asset and maintenance data. At a glance, our customers can see where their data is incomplete, what assets are missing from the asset hierarchy, and where maintenance data is missing for critical assets.



Report on Data Compliance More Effectively

Our customers use our Data Quality Report to measure compliance of their data against corporate standards. The Data Quality Report focuses on areas of concern that affect operational integrity, such as ensuring all safety-critical equipment have maintenance plans. Our solution allows our customers to validate their data against standards such as ISO 14224 and ISO 15926. Organizations that use our solutions experience an increase in maintenance productivity by an average of 25%.


Monitor the Progress of a Data Build or Repair Project Conveniently

NRX AssetHub allows our customers to proactively monitor the progress of a data build or data repair project easily and iteratively. The Data Quality Report summarizes the assets and maintenance objects loaded into the system, and reports on the completeness of the data build, identifying assets that are missing maintenance plans, etc. Our customers can schedule the report to run periodically, and watch as the build progresses. During a data repair project, the Data Quality Report helps drive the changes required to make the data complete and compliant. Organizations that use our solution to save up to 50% of the time and cost typically incurred during a data build.



Communicate Data Quality Issues to Consultants and Contractors Clearly

Our customers use the Data Quality Report to effectively communicate and illustrate their data quality issues to consultants and contractors. The report highlights issues that would otherwise be difficult to substantiate and communicate. Results of the analysis can easily be exported to a spreadsheet and passed to responsible parties, providing them with a detailed listing of every issue to be fixed. Organizations that use our solutions gain more insight into the work of their contractors and consultants and typically experience an increase in maintenance productivity by an average of 20%.

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