Plant managers are aware that sensor technology is becoming increasingly innovative and they are on the lookout for the next and best OT for their plant. This year we saw one of the first self-powered sensors on the market that harvests energy from heat. Not only is sensor technology becoming increasingly innovative, it is evolving in practicality (smaller, safer, more reliable) and price point (cheaper)!


We’ve all been seeing the hype over buzzwords such as AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, AIOT, Machine Learning, Digital Twins, 5G, and so much more. Technology is advancing and it is completely revolutionizing reliability and maintenance as we know it.


In 2019 we saw many multinational company’s direct budget specifically to digitalization projects. This area of advancement was a huge focus for many companies this year. Those that pursued digitalization as a goal for 2019 had amazing stories of how they improved processes, and how those efficiencies had positive effects on their bottom line. Here is one such story of how a major oil and gas company gained a competitive advantage through their digitalization project.


It goes without saying that with advancements in technology, the increasing demand for sensor technology, and digitalization there would be a big push in 2019 for cybersecurity. We have been made increasingly aware of the dangers of edge computing, sensors being added to the company network, and the addition of new technologies to existing IT frameworks. Many companies are looking for solutions to the massive cybersecurity risks they face.


In 2019 there has been some general insecurity over how AI will potentially impact jobs. Many fear that their job will become redundant due to technological advances in AI. However, studies are showing that AI will create more jobs than it will eliminate. The reality is that AI requires a human eye to comprehend the data. In most cases AI will aid the human workload, decrease human error, and improve efficiencies in business processes. Check out our blog “Is AI Overhyped? Should it be Feared?

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