Is AI overhyped? Chances are, you have seen a picture of robots working in restaurants or in hotels taking over human jobs. The common misconception is that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually or inevitably replace human workers. This seems to be the case only for repetitive tasks or labour-intensive tasks as of now. However, some of these innovations have reached the mainstream. Robot vacuum cleaners that can map out your living area to clean efficiently are a common household product now!

Will AI take over our jobs? Should it be feared?

No! At least not for a while. While AI is replacing some jobs, digital transformation is constantly creating new technologies and opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish. As a result, this will produce even more jobs. Don’t worry too much about AI! AI makes it possible for businesses to keep up with the digital age and helps improve our business processes.

How can AI help with our businesses processes?

As digital transformation occurs, there are increasing opportunities to take advantage of AI.  Other trends like cloud computing furthers the adoption of AI. There is no doubt that migrating to the cloud can offer competitive advantage and opportunities to improve business processes. You can read our blog about cloud-based data management here.  At NRX we have always believed that the use of AI in our solutions can help benefit our customers.  For over a decade, our solutions have included AI.  Our first use of AI was to detect duplicate materials by using fuzzy matching algorithms.  The business benefit to customers was avoiding duplicates and supply chain efficiency.  But it also eliminated the need for humans to conduct multiple searches in an inefficient manner. In other words, this made it easier for them to focus on high value tasks.

How can NRX help?

According to an Infosys study, most companies are driven to use AI in business due to a competitive advantage. NRX AssetHub can help you get a head start. We help our customers become top performers in their industries through achieving maintenance optimization and operational excellence. Additionally, we offer a cloud-based solution that helps asset-intensive companies to cleanse, optimize and migrate their data.

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