Ensuring your asset and maintenance master data is high-quality before a migration is an essential step in an EAM migration project. It is important to prepare your master data for an EAM migration before you complete your migration to ensure that the data in your new system is high-quality, accurate, and reliable.

Once you have completed a data improvement project and deployed your cleansed data into your new EAM, it is important that you ensure you maintain high-quality EAM master data in the long run. This ensures you can continue to experience all the benefits made available to you by your new EAM system.

Why is Keeping Your Master Data High-Quality Important? 

Master data is essential to a company’s operations. As companies add, replace or modify their assets they need to make sure master data is updated accurately. As a result, issues may arise as master data piles up. It is crucial to invest in your data for the long run. Ensuring that only high-quality asset and maintenance data is present in your EAM or CMMS system – both at the time of an EAM migration and in the long term after you have completed your EAM migration project – helps guarantee that your system produces high-quality results.

Having a system in place to ensure you maintain high-quality master data is vital for asset-intensive companies. Poor-quality master data can hinder a company’s ROI and the overall effectiveness and reliability of its EAM system.

Keep Up with Your Standards

Keeping up with your standards is one way to ensure the quality of your master data. Aligning your asset hierarchy with an international standard such as ISO 14224, RDS-PP, or KKS can help you set specific guidelines about what data needs to be collected, avoid confusion amongst maintenance technicians, and prevent inconsistencies across your facilities. You can measure the compliance of your master data against an established standard and ensure the overall accuracy of your master data.

Implement a Master Data Governance Solution

A Master Data Governance (MDG) solution allows companies to govern any enterprise master data using forms-based workflow. This ensures that the master data in your EAM or CMMS system is accurate and fit for purpose. As well as ensuring the accuracy of your master data, using an MDG solution increases productivity, increases efficiency, and saves costs in virtually all aspects of a company’s operations.

Consider Investing in a Solution to Maintain the Quality of Your Master Data

NRX MDG, powered by HubHead Corp., provides asset-intensive businesses with world-class software for keeping master data uptodate in their EAM/CMMS and other maintenance and reliability systems. If you would like to learn more about how NRX MDG can help you maintain high-quality master data, book a demo, and our team would be happy to help you!

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