​We have gone through what will happen if you are missing basic asset information in your EAM/CMMS, but do you know what will happen if the basics of asset reliability have not been implemented? This article will introduce some basic concepts that should be followed if you want reliable asset data and the consequences if it is missing. If you are interested in learning the impacts of missing basic information in your EAM/CMMS read “Missing Basic Information and Its Impact”.



Assets Not Organized into a Consistent Functional Hierarchy 

An unorganized and inconsistent functional hierarchy can lead to consistency issues within your EAM/CMMS solution. A consistent and standardized asset hierarchy will raise the reliability of your EAM/CMMS data so you can be sure that what you have is accurate and precise when you need to generate performance reports. Having consistent asset data is important for communication internally and externally in your organization – therefore having a consistent and standardized asset hierarchy becomes important for efficiency. Read “Should I Standardize My Asset Hierarchy” for more information.


Equipment is Not Classified

Not classifying your equipment can make it difficult to find the right assets at the right time, which can hinder your ability to effectively plan preventative maintenance. It can also be difficult to analyze historic performance and make improvements since the assets are not grouped correctly. Therefore, preventative maintenance becomes more difficult because of difficulties in prioritizing what needs to be fixed.


Criticality Has Not Been Assessed Consistently

The concept of a criticality analysis is to analyze the likelihood and consequence of failure in your assets. The result of criticality not being assessed consistently will lead to inconsistent information required to optimize preventative maintenance. Using guesswork to deduce what will fail and what needs maintenance will lead to too much ineffective maintenance. This time can be used better on more important preventative measures if you perform a criticality analysis.


How NRX AssetHub Can Help

NRX AssetHub can be a user-friendly software option to help organize and implement the basics of reliability. Organizing your asset hierarchy or asset data for the first time can be daunting – don’t hesitate to book a demo with us to start! Our team will be happy to walk through our solution and how it can help arrange your data according to your standards. If you prefer to read through the importance of asset hierarchies before making a decision, download our brochure to start.


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