There are consequences to missing basic information in your EAM/CMMS solutions that have long-term impacts on your workflow. While reading through this post, keep a checklist as you go through this list to see if you’ve been facing any of these problems. If you have, make sure that you’re not missing any of the key information listed and if you do, fix the root cause if you want to remove the problems permanently. 

Manufacturer and Model Numbers

If the asset hierarchy in your EAM/CMMS is missing your equipment’s manufacturer and model numbers, it will require the staff that needs that basic information to go onsite to check the physical equipment. If you think you don’t need the basic information, know you will eventually require it when your equipment parts need to be replaced. Firstly, having workers go onto the field wastes time that can be used to complete more productive tasks, and secondly, all the time spent searching for the different parts you need will compound and add up in the end. It also makes reporting on similar types of equipment very difficult because you are not recording the model numbers to be able to make a comparison.


No Connected Documents

If there are no related documents in your EAM/CMMS, your staff must find the paper version of the documentation or go into a separate application to try to locate the related documents.  Again, this can also take up considerable time better spent on more productive tasks. Without the related documents, such as machine manuals and parts catalogs, to reference planning and performing maintenance is more challenging. Make sure these documents are stored or linked in your EAM/CMMS! 


Unintended Consequences

Missing any basic asset information, you can expect that planning and executing your work takes much longer. Since you don’t have accurate information, errors in maintenance that result in lost production are more likely. To avoid these unintended consequences, you must rely on accurate asset hierarchies. 


NRX AssetHub for Asset Hierarchy Organization 

Have you ever noticed any of these issues in your organization? Maybe it’s time for you to reorganize your asset hierarchy! If you don’t know where to start reorganizing your asset hierarchy, download one of our asset hierarchy brochures or book a demo with our team. We will happily walk you through our solution and how it can help organize your asset hierarchy.


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