Whether you want to get the full benefits of your EAM/CMMS system or you are preparing your data for an EAM migration, you should consider optimizing your asset hierarchies. To optimize your asset hierarchy, you should align it with a standard. If your company already has a standard that you use excellent, if not we recommend ISO 14224 for petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas and other process industries.

Benefits of Aligning Your Asset Hierarchy with a Standard


Consistent Asset Hierarchies 

If your asset data is organized and consistent, it will help boost the track maintenance and reliability information and make comparisons across your business. Consistency in your asset data, including equipment, maintenance, and failure data, can improve your daily work processes by facilitating communication among employees, suppliers, and contractors. Clear communications across different plants and companies can help decrease downtimes and speed up planning and maintenance.


Identify Failures 

An EAM/CMMS system aligned with a standard helps you identify and record failure data consistently and accurately. You can distinguish between mechanical or material errors in the descriptions while categorizing the failures’ seriousness into small, medium, or high. The standard will also help with grouping the failure data and other important information to note for future use.


How NRX AssetHub Can Help 

Many businesses struggle with the following when trying to restructure their asset hierarchy

  1. Equipment Descriptions
  2. Consistency
  3. Lack of Standards

If you or your organization struggle with any of these factors, let us help! NRXAssetHub offers a wide range of solutions for all asset-intensive companies to organize their asset hierarchies to their preferences. We can help maintain a consistent standard amongst all your asset data and help train your technicians to do the same. If struggling with your asset hierarchies, download one of our FREE brochures and Ebooks or book a demo. Our specialists will teach you how to optimize your asset hierarchies.


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