An EAM migration presents an optimal time to make changes to your asset and maintenance master data and improve your maintenance processes. By implementing the best practices for EAM migrations, you can improve your maintenances processes and ensure that your new EAM system is set up to support efficient maintenance operations.

Improve Maintenance Data Quality

An EAM migration is the ideal time to identify maintenance data quality issues to highlight gaps and measure the completeness of the maintenance data residing in your current EAM or CMMS system. It is critical that you ensure the maintenance data being migrated into your new EAM system is accurate because better data powers maintenance productivity. Improving the quality of your maintenance data before completing an EAM migration allows you to get the most out of your new EAM system.

Increased Wrench Time

Suppose you ensure the quality and accuracy of your maintenance data. In that case, your maintenance technicians can have all the information they need to perform the correct maintenance at the right time. In addition, making it more straightforward for maintenance technicians to deal with paperwork and maintenance data allows them to focus on maintenance and increase your company’s wrench time.

Improve Quality of Information in Notifications and Work Orders

Companies typically struggle with incomplete information in their notifications and work orders. To track maintenance costs, project future maintenance requirements, and perform any reliability analysis, detailed information about maintenance and repairs needs to be captured within work orders. If this data is incomplete, accurate projects are not possible. EAM migrations provide an opportunity to improve the completeness and accuracy of your maintenance data. Improved maintenance data quality leads to improved quality of the information in notifications and work orders and the efficiency of maintenance operations.

Consider Improving the Quality of Your Maintenance Data

Maintenance operations’ success depends on the state of the asset and maintenance master data being used. Therefore, making sure your maintenance data is up to date and accurate is of high importance. An EAM migration presents an ideal time to do this, as changes to your maintenance procedures often already occur during a migration. In addition, improving the quality of your maintenance data allows you to get the most out of your new EAM system and ensure it is set up to support efficient maintenance practices.

NRX AssetHub, powered by HubHead Corp., provides asset-intensive businesses with world-class software for visualizing, building, editing, organizing, governing, and sustaining high-quality asset and maintenance data for their EAM and CMMS systems. In addition, NRX AssetHub also provides asset-intensive companies with a powerful data quality report that quickly analyzes and evaluates data quality to identify the gaps and inaccuracies in the asset and maintenance master data. If you would like to learn more about how NRX AssetHub can help you simplify your EAM and CMMS data quality analysis, book a demo, and our team would be happy to help you!

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