Preparing for the holidays and decorating can be much more fun as you change the décor in your offices to match the season. Decorating your asset hierarchies with different ornaments can be just as fun for your business. Here are some new ornaments to adopt to see a change in your asset hierarchy trees’ usefulness.





Add some tags to your asset hierarchy trees to improve how it works! Take some time to tag all the equipment in the field physically – it will pay off in the future. Then after you finish tagging everything, record the identification tags in your EAM/CMMS so you can quickly identify the correct piece of equipment whenever you need it! Make sure the tag can withstand your equipment’s environment because if the tag deteriorates, it becomes useless. Decorate your asset hierarchy, make it shinier with equipment tags, and read “How to Name Equipment in Your Asset Hierarchies” for more ways to name the equipment in your EAM/CMMS.


Scrapping Old Ornaments

When you reorganize your asset hierarchy, comb through the assets in the tree and eliminate any old, duplicates, or inaccurate data. Sometimes the ornaments in your asset hierarchy become obsolete and redundant, so you should scrap them. Scrapping the old data and making way for the new data is the way to keep your asset data reliable for maintenance scheduling.



Categorize your assets using a standard to make sure you can sort through everything quickly and precisely. We recommend organizing your assets by function or location because it intuitively makes sense to most people. By decorating your hierarchies with categories, it can be easier for EAM/CMMS users who are inexperienced in navigating the system to find the exact item they are looking for.


NRX AssetHub for Asset Hierarchy Decoration

NRX AssetHub is an excellent box of decorations for your asset hierarchy! We can help you visualize the asset hierarchy tree to ensure that every decoration you have added is the ones that sparkle the most. Our solution also helps you visualize what old ornaments to scrap and what categories to add. Make sure to download one of our brochures or book a demo with us to start the decoration party.


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