Having conventional and self-explanatory naming systems for your EAM/CMMS equipment should be a simple concept. Still, in many cases, a significant amount of EAM/CMMS systems are an unstructured mess of un-intuitively named assets. They have such bad-quality asset data that it’s practically impossible for technicians to find the equipment they are working on in the system. It’s time to learn how to name and organize your asset data to start getting the benefits EAM/CMMS is supposed to deliver. 

Develop a standard  

This doesn’t have to be an international standard, but you should have a system and standard that works for your company. Sometimes people improvise when naming assets in their EAM system if they do not have any guidelines to adhere to. This leads to discrepancies across the asset data because person A could have a different naming convention than person B. Have a guideline and naming convention to prevent future headaches when searching for equipment in the system. 


Use Equipment Tags  

Physically tagging your equipment and keeping a record of the identification tags in your EAM/CMMS can help you quickly find and identify equipment in your EAM when it breaks down. Make sure the tags last for a long time and withstand any harsh environment your equipment might be in. Illegible tags are useless tags. If you can’t read the tag in the field, you would be throwing away your tagging efforts. 


Organized Lists 

Your assets should ideally be organized like a well-organized folder structure on your computer with a hierarchy by process, location, or function. Unorganized flat data lists make it challenging to find the correct equipment in the system. It’s much easier to find a file on your computer when they are organized in a folder, and the same goes for assets in an asset hierarchy. 


How We Can Help 

Restructuring your asset hierarchy can lead to maintenance efficiency and cost savings with your EAM/CMMS solution. If you’re seeking assistance with your asset organization or data cleanup, don’t hesitate to download our brochures for more information, or reach out to us if you want to book a demo or talk to a live agent. 


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