Having an organized asset hierarchy is beneficial to you and your organization. To find out how t read “Benefits of Restructuring Your Asset Hierarchy” and “The Impact of Poor Asset Data on your EAM/CMMS Effectiveness.” To ensure that your asset hierarchy is organized, we have organized a small list of checklists and reasons you need to review if your asset register is organized.

Is the Hierarchy Logically Organized?

To be able to find the equipment and parts when you need to create a work order, your hierarchy needs to be logically organized. Usually, this means the hierarchy should be functionally or process-oriented because, to many people, these are the most rational ways of categorizing assets, and it will help them navigate your asset data easily. It would be best if you had a structured hierarchy to collect historical performance data and support efficient and effective maintenance practices.


Is the Sub-Equipment Categorized Under the Leading Equipment? 

Imagine navigating through your computer’s files; everything is in one specific folder file with no hierarchy at all. Now navigating through an asset hierarchy with the same flat structure will be even more difficult due to the sheer amount of equipment some companies own. Therefore, you should ensure that sub-equipment parts are categorized under the main equipment parts to find equipment in your EAM/CMMS easily.


Does the Hierarchy Align with a Standard such as ISO14224?

A consistent and standardized asset hierarchy will help boost the reliability of your data so you can improve your daily work and communication processes. Identifying failures becomes more accessible with a standard because you can group failure data and information to analyze and schedule maintenance times. If you are interested in reading about aligning your asset hierarchy with a standard, read “Should You Align Your Asset Hierarchy with a Standard?” and “Benefits of Aligning Your Hierarchy with ISO 14224”. Other standards may be applicable to your industry like RDS-PP for renewables or KKS for power generation.


NRX AssetHub for Asset Hierarchy Organization 

If you realize that your asset hierarchy fails to meet some of these checklist requirements, it may be time to restructure your asset hierarchy for more efficiency in the future. NRX AssetHub, powered by HubHead, helps asset-intensive businesses restructure their asset hierarchies to achieve high-quality asset and maintenance data for its EAM and CMMS solutions. If you would like to learn more about us, you can download one of our brochures or book a demo, and our team will walk you through how our solution can help you navigate your EAM/CMMS easier.


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