As you may already know, poor asset data quality is bad for business. Effective asset management depends on accurate and complete information in your EAM/CMMS systems. Suppose you can’t find the information you need on time. In that case, your business will experience delays in day-to-day operations, more extended downtimes, and difficulties in planning and scheduling maintenance. 


So how can poor asset data hierarchies affect the usefulness of your EAM/CMMS system?

Inefficient Operations 

​Without organized and correct relationships in your asset hierarchies, you and your technicians can spend valuable time looking for basic details that should be readily available in your EAM/CMMS. If basic details are unavailable for your equipment in your asset management system, then your staff must go out in the field to find the information they need either from inspecting the equipment or tracking down vendor information, resulting in lost time.


Difficulties Using Your System to Make Improvements 

Your EAM system is supposed to help your business operate efficiently, but with inaccurate foundational data, you can find that it becomes challenging to make improvements to your operations and maintenance efficiency. Failure data helps make better future intervention decisions that improve the reliability and safety of your equipment. If past failure information is not recorded correctly, you may find it challenging to analyze past historical performances to make improvements to maintenance and reliability.


Difficulties Finding Materials 

Incomplete descriptions and key data can lead to a hard time for maintenance technicians to find the correct parts to buy. As a result, you can find that your costs are increasing because you are ordering incorrect parts. Planning and executing maintenance tasks will become more complex as well.


How to Get a More Usable EAM/CMMS 

If you restructure your asset hierarchy, you will find that your company’s EAM/CMMS solution is more reliable and that you are experiencing less downtime and lost production hours. As a result, you will find that workers are more productive. If you have difficulties restructuring your asset hierarchy or do not know where to start to fix your asset data quality, download our brochures for more information or reach out to us if you want to book a demo. NRX AssetHub provides the visual ability to optimize your asset hierarchies.


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