Cloud computing is already changing the business world. If you have used Facebook and Netflix before, then you have experienced a platform that is established in the cloud. Cloud-based data management refers to managing data across cloud platforms (networks). This data can be shared across multiple networks, both private and public. The ease of usage and ability to recover data quickly are some of the many great benefits of cloud computing.

According to the 2019 State of the Cloud survey, almost all companies are using cloud at some level. Moreover, private and public cloud adoption are both growing. So, if your company hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, what’s the hold up?

Why use cloud-based data management at your asset-intensive company?
  1. Better Technical Support and Service: Cloud solutions have integrated performance monitoring and debugging tools to improve performance and reliability.
  2. Improved Disaster Recovery: In the case of an emergency, disaster recovery in the cloud is efficient and less expensive. Data can be backed up automatically.
  3. Increased Business Agility: Using cloud computing will result in increased business agility if you need to perform any updates. This used to be a complicated and lengthy process and required participation from several departments. In comparison, updates can now be done with a click of a button.
  4. Increased Accessibility, Flexibility and Collaboration: Your maintenance personnel can be more mobile. Instead of having data on a single computer, maintenance workers can access that data from any device anywhere.
How can NRX Help?

Most new EAM and CMMS systems offer cloud-based solutions, yet many asset-intensive companies have not made the leap to cloud computing. NRX can help you get your data ready for the cloud. This means that you will be able to load your fit for purpose data into your new cloud based EAM/CMMS and other maintenance and reliability systems. We understand that the process of switching to new data management practices can be difficult. NRX provides a service that will migrate your data quickly while maintaining its accuracy and integrity.


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