We’ve all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder,” but what does that really mean in the context of enterprise asset management and computerized maintenance management systems (EAM/CMMS)? It means using data and insights from benchmarking to identify areas where you can improve your EAM/CMMS performance and work more efficiently.

In this blog, we’ll discuss strategies for improving EAM/CMMS performance based on benchmarking results, including industry-specific benchmarks and best practices that can help companies work smarter and achieve better results.

Industry-Specific Benchmarks for EAM/CMMS Performance

Industry-specific benchmarks for EAM/CMMS performance vary depending on the sector and the specific needs of the organization. Here are some examples of industry-specific benchmarks for EAM/CMMS performance in the oil and gas, food, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, and renewable energy industries:

Oil and gas: The oil and gas industry typically benchmarks its EAM/CMMS performance based on metrics such as equipment uptime, maintenance costs, and mean time between failures (MTBF).

Food: In the food industry, benchmarks may focus on factors such as equipment uptime, asset utilization, and compliance with safety and sanitation regulations.

Mining industry: In the mining industry, benchmarks may focus on factors such as equipment uptime, maintenance costs per ton of material processed, and the number of safety incidents related to maintenance activities.

Pharmaceutical industry: For pharmaceutical companies, benchmarks may focus on factors such as equipment reliability, compliance with regulatory requirements, and the number of corrective actions taken as a result of maintenance activities.

Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, benchmarks may focus on factors such as asset utilization, inventory management, and the number of preventive maintenance tasks completed.

Renewable energy industry: For renewable energy companies, benchmarks may focus on factors such as equipment availability, maintenance costs per megawatt of energy produced, and the number of unplanned downtime incidents related to maintenance activities.

It’s important to note that these benchmarks are just examples and may not be applicable to all companies within these industries. Each organization should identify and prioritize the KPIs that are most relevant to their specific operations and goals when benchmarking their EAM/CMMS performance.


Strategies for Improving EAM/CMMS performance Based on Benchmarking Results

Once companies have benchmarked their EAM/CMMS performance, there are several strategies they can use to improve their results, including:

1. Implement Predictive Maintenance: Predictive maintenance strategies, such as condition-based monitoring and failure analysis, can help companies identify and address equipment issues before they become major problems.

2. Increase Asset Tracking and Management: By improving asset tracking and management, companies can gain better visibility into their assets, which can help them optimize their maintenance schedules and reduce downtime.

3. Use Real-time Data Analysis: Real-time data analysis can help companies identify patterns and trends in their equipment performance, which can inform better decision-making around maintenance and asset management.

4. Continuously Improve: Continuously monitoring EAM/CMMS performance and benchmarking against industry standards can help companies identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to work smarter and achieve better results.


How HubHead Can Help You Achieve Industry Best Standards

HubHead’s benchmarking services can help your company improve EAM/CMMS performance and achieve better results. Our industry-specific benchmarks and best practices will help you identify areas for improvement, implement predictive maintenance strategies, increase asset tracking and management, and use real-time data analysis to inform better decision-making.

Don’t settle for average results – let HubHead help you work smarter and achieve better results. Contact us today by downloading our brochure or booking a meeting – we would be glad to assist you.

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