Let’s talk duplicate parts. Duplicate parts occur when the same part gets added to your material master in your CMMS system more than once. Specifically, we’re investigating some of the problems that arise when duplicate parts are left in your EAM/CMMS system. There are two leading causes for duplicates.  

One problem is that the part search functionality available to your end-users isn’t very efficient or user-friendly. Therefore, when they can’t find an existing part in the system, they request a new duplicate entry in the system. 

Second is a lack of clear standard naming and description conventions for materials that would make it easy to search and identify parts being searched for. When duplicates occur, the business endures a cost beyond just the administrative expense of unnecessarily adding a part to the system.

Inappropriate Orders

Delays while you add duplicate parts to the system can result in unnecessary downtime and lost revenue.  Inadequate parts descriptions can cause users to order the wrong parts leading to extended delays in maintenance requests. They can also result in planners ordering unnecessary parts to be safe. Moreover, after discovering a duplicate entry, returning these parts would bring unneeded expenses to the organization.


Redundant Purchases

When parts are ordered because they cannot be found in the system, users are wasting both wrench time and money. Rush orders and parts ordered outside of the normal supply agreements are more expensive.


Excess Inventory Costs

Duplicate parts in your EAM/CMMS system and parts with bad descriptions result in inaccurate inventory data. Oftentimes you have more parts in your inventory than is necessary. There is also the issue associated with multiple sites holding expensive parts in inventory that could be shared across sites if only you could identify these parts as being one in the same.


How We Can Help

Find out how we can help your business avoid the costs associated with duplicate materials and bad parts descriptions. Book a demo or download our brochure to learn how NRX AssetHub can help identify and navigate through duplicate materials.

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