During an EAM migration, there is a lot that can potentially go wrong. An EAM migration failure can be nightmarish as it can cost a company much time, money, and resources. Many of the issues that cause migrations to fail, however, can be prevented with proper planning.

Poor Quality EAM Master Data

In data migration, poor quality data can cause problems in the new system, and EAM data is no different. Poor EAM data may not be formatted to be compatible with the new EAM system if migrated from an older system. Ultimately, a system is only as good as the data that is in it. To prevent an EAM migration from failing, ensure that its asset and maintenance master data is cleansed and optimized sufficiently.

Lack of Planning

A lot goes into an EAM Migration, and it is a lengthy project. Going into migration without careful planning of each step of the migration process can cause problems. Part of what goes into planning is making sure that the new EAM system adheres to clearly defined corporate standards that align with your data and your organization’s goals. Choosing the correct methodology for migrating EAM data, identifying potential issues that may occur later on, and picking the right team are other aspects of planning that must be focused on.  Frequently, we see companies that don’t leave enough time for the asset and maintenance master data migration in their project plan.

Lack of Testing

Before an EAM system is adopted, it must first be tested. It is better to malfunction during testing than when the EAM system is needed during live maintenance routines.


A lot of the time, EAM failures occur because the EAM migration provider doesn’t meet companies’ expectations. Planning and testing help immensely prevent failure, but if your company has poor EAM data, then your expectations can only be so high. It’s unrealistic to expect an EAM migration to solve all of your problems when the data itself is flawed. HubHead’s solutions can help cleanse your data during the migration process to prevent failure and allow you to set high expectations that are capable of being met.

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