Maintenance Bills of Materials (BoMs) help companies keep track of the spare parts that are required to maintain a piece of equipment. Without maintenance BoMs in your EAM system, no parts are associated with your equipment. When building BoMs however, it is important to ensure that they are accurate and built properly so that they can provide your company with all their intended benefits.

Inaccurate BoMs can make it difficult to identify correct parts to plan, schedule, and complete work orders. They can also result in wasted time and increased costs. Although it may take an initial investment of time and effort to build accurate BoMs based on high-quality spare parts data, taking these extra steps is extremely beneficial to your company’s maintenance and ROI.

What Are the Benefits of Accurate BoMs?
Save Time Scheduling and Completing Work Orders

Accurate BoMs allow you to quickly identify the correct parts required to plan, schedule and complete work orders. For any business, time is money, and this is especially applicable for asset-intensive companies. Building better maintenance BoMs can help maintenance personnel save time by being able to identify the required parts for a work order.

Correctly Ordered Parts

Ordering the wrong spart parts is expensive. Apart from just the cost of ordering a part that is not required there can also be return and restocking charges. As well, the cost of rush orders to get the right part quickly are expensive and the delay it causes can lead to costly unplanned equipment outages.

Less Downtime and Increased Revenue

The big cost of inaccurate BoMs is unplanned downtime. When work cannot be completed because the right parts were not ordered, this can lead extended outages. If a supplier has the spare parts you require in stock, even just the time it takes for the part to arrive at your company can be costly to your operations.

Accurate BoMs can reduce downtime, increase wrench time, minimize the amount of mis-ordered parts, and significantly reduce maintenance planning time. That’s why a typical BoMs building project has a large ROI with payback in under a year. However, to ensure your BoMs are accurate they must be built with accurate spare parts data.

Make the Most of Your BoMs  

If you want to make the most of your BoMs and ensure they are as accurate as possible, then you must ensure your spare parts data is high-quality.

A materials cleanse can help correct the poor-quality spare parts data that leads to inaccurate BoMs. With a cleansing solution, you can ensure your parts descriptions and characteristics are accurate, remove duplicate and obsolete parts, and standardize naming conventions and processes.

If you would like to learn more about how our solutions can help you cleanse your spare parts data, book a demo, and our team would be happy to help you!

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