A crucial aspect of building accurate BOMs is ensuring spare parts data imported into the EAM/CMMS system is clean and organized. If this asset and maintenance master data is misnamed, missing specific elements, or just all-around disorganized, chances are the quality of your final product will be compromised. Maintenance personnel would be unable to identify the correct parts quickly. On top of that, significant delays could occur.  In a worst case scenario ongoing production could be impacted.

Duplication of materials could also be the reason your BOMs are not of top-tier quality. Not finding the correct materials data quickly and easily can result in multiple duplicate materials created in your EAM/CMMS system. Left unchecked in the system, these could result in incorrect work orders for maintenance. Not only does this contribute to overall disorganization, but it makes parts even harder for maintenance personnel to find and can increase operational costs.

Some companies may be storing their spare parts BOM data in a spreadsheet-like Excel. For long-term asset management, this isn’t a good idea, as spreadsheets aren’t designed for complex data storage and oversight. Spreadsheets also lack the requisite tools to help clean and manage your materials data, making it more likely that the problems will persist.


Cleanse Your Data

Improving your BOMs’ potential comes with cleansing your spare parts data. Cleansing your spare parts data will be extremely helpful in making the use of your BOMs more efficient and effective. In addition, investing in a solution that can help you standardize corporate naming conventions and parts descriptions, remove duplicates and outdated equipment, and reuse existing BoMs will improve your supply chain efficiency.


How We Can Help You

The NRX AssetHub solution provides features such as a powerful search and visualization to help ensure accuracy with your spare parts data. If you are curious about our solution, feel free to book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you!

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