NRX AssetHub is the best tool for walkdowns. Okay, so we may be a little biased, but we have proven success in the efficiency of our walkdowns and the price point. There are a million ways that people chose to conduct their walkdowns, but the data edits that are required post walkdown are what really make or break the project success.

What’s so difficult about editing data?

It’s error prone – with many data edits needed, and little to no automation, the process is very laborious and it’s hard to avoid the human error component (especially when using Excel!).

It’s slow and tedious – with a project that takes consultants a lot of time and work, comes a very large price tag!

It’s hard to get the desired result – cleansing within an EAM like SAP PM or Maximo is not easy! Equipment cannot easily be moved, deleted, or changed, it’s much easier to get it right the first time. When numerous pieces of equipment need edits, it’s hard to make all these changes correctly.

We make walkdowns more efficient by providing:

  1. Drag Drop & copy paste functionality, making it the most efficient technology on the market to do a data hierarchy cleanup
  2. Search and filter capabilities. You can find inaccuracies and anomalies quickly.
  3. Bulk change functionality. For groups of equipment that may be inaccurate, you can make changes to all at once.
  4. Cheaper than consultants – NRX AssetHub platform significantly speeds up the process. Less manhours means we can provide a lower price point than our competition
  5. More effective than consultations – NRX AssetHub allows us to avoid relying on excel solely to edit and review the data. This results in fewer human errors and a more “bird’s eye view” approach to data cleansing.
  6. 20 years of experience, will provide excellent advice when building your data standard
  7. Services team that is able to give the walkdown team almost immediate feedback if incoming data on a piece of equipment needs to be re-reviewed. This way they don’t have to leave the site before taking a second photo or resubmitting the data.

How NRX AssetHub Helps

Resolve differences between assets, inventory, and digital data. NRX AssetAuditors (apart of NRX AssetHub Platform), is a plant and warehouse auditing solution that helps asset-intensive companies match their physical assets to their digital twins and capture and load any missing data. Our customers benefit from using NRX AssetAuditors by affirming that their physical assets are represented correctly in their CMMS or EAM systems (SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, IFS, Oracle EAM, and many more). Consequently, when a work order is generated, our customers are assured the equipment resides where it is expected to be, and the necessary parts are available to correct the issue.

Find out more on how to conduct visual plant audits below…

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