If you have an asset-intensive business, BoMs can be very beneficial for your company.

What is a maintenance BoM (Bill of Material)?

In an EAM System, a maintenance BoM captures spare part information for a piece of equipment. This information is used during maintenance to determine the correct spare parts to replace.

A BoM can help capture accurate parts information and generate complete, effective work orders. Furthermore, BoMs can reduce downtime, increase wrench time, minimize parts duplication and help to plan maintenance efficiently. A typical BOM building project has a large ROI with payback in under a year.

If BoMs are so beneficial, why don’t more companies use them?

BoMs take time, money and expertise to create. Those who do have BoMs, may not use them because they are incomplete or out of date.When people are asked to assess the quality of their maintenance BoMs, the comments most often heard are: “They don’t exist,” or “We have some of the data, but we don’t know if it’s accurate.”

When they are asked why that’s the case, the response is usually: “We don’t have the information,” or more likely, “We don’t have the resources to do all that work.”

So instead of taking the time to build and maintain the BoMs, they just go on without them.

Somehow, companies have the time to find alternate solutions to their problems, which takes more time and effort than it would to just fix the problem by using maintenance BoMs.

NRX AssetHub can locate similar equipment with different BoMs, will provide intelligent suggestions and recommend part matches, copy/paste and make bulk changes. Our solution can also provide powerful reports and create exploded parts diagram for BoMs. Contact us today or book a demo to see how our solution can benefit you!

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