Now that you’ve wrapped up your EAM migration, it’s practical to do a check for success. Even if you didn’t experience any issues during the migration process, how do you verify that it was a success? 


Success looks different for every company that undergoes an EAM migration. This is because companies have different objectives for their migrations and, therefore, different criteria for success. However, there are a few near-universal tellers of a successful transition to a new EAM/CMMS system that we can look at. 

Enhanced Workflow

This is a standard measure of success when moving to a new EAM system. Early on, it should become evident that your company’s workflow and operations are running more smoothly with minor hiccups.

This is a standard measure of success when adopting a new EAM/CMMS system. Improvements to the company’s workflow should be observed early post-migration, with operations running more streamlined with decreased downtime.


Productivity Improvements

Next, processes that were once noticeably inefficient should be simpler to perform. With that, a successful new EAM/CMMS system will increase productivity as processes become more streamlined and efficient. Planning and performing maintenance tasks should also become more accessible for maintenance technicians, as well as measuring performance and compliance with corporate standards.


Maintenance technicians are comfortable with the new system

That brings us to the last point: maintenance technicians. For your new EAM system to be fully effective, maintenance technicians must be familiar with the software and fully satisfied with its features. Performing maintenance checks should become simpler for professionals. A successful migration involves a new EAM/CMMS system that maintenance professionals depend on for their workload. They should find the new EAM system easy to use and be able to rely on the accuracy of the system’s data. You might also want to note whether the maintenance team’s wrench times have improved or if less time is being spent searching for information.


How NRX AssetHub Can Help You

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