Plant walkdowns are a fantastic method for obtaining important data about your plant, but making sure that you’re keeping it organized and well-kept afterwards is a task that many companies tend to struggle with. Assets and equipment need to be sorted properly and efficiently to utilize the full potential of a maintenance management system. With this, it’s important to realize that there can be detrimental costs associated with companies that fail to keep their data in-check: time, money, and resources are all at stake if data is left unorganized after entry into a CMMS.

What Exactly Can Unorganized Data Amount To?

There are several devastating consequences that arise as a result of unorganized data, so being able to accurately track plant assets is extremely important in preventing undesirable outcomes. When data is either miscategorized or simply not detailed enough to be located within the system, technicians are subject to waste significant amounts of potential wrench time searching for the correct parts required to conduct maintenance operations. Additionally, if you can’t efficiently search for parts that are already set up in your procurement system, duplicates end up being created. This can lead to unnecessary clutter being entered into the system, causing further inorganization and thus affecting a smooth workflow. Duplicated data entries can also cause increased spending and wait times on assets and parts due to uncertainty about which entries are optimal, making your plant vulnerable to hefty expenses and stopped production. Having unorganized data is simply disadvantageous to a plant in all aspects of functionality, further emphasizing the importance of keeping your assets and equipment tidy within your CMMS.

Let’s Get Your Data Organized

Plant walkdowns are heavily tied with the organization of your valuable data, and we do them well. Through NRX AssetHub, we help companies conduct plant walkdowns with ease and upload their updated data into their CMMS of choice (IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle EAM, IFS, Infor…) in an organized and effective fashion. Don’t let unorganized data hinder your company’s progress; contact us to book a demo and see your plant’s fullest potential with clean and concise sets of data.

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