You have a lot of assets to track and manage, but which tagging system should you use and how can you do it effectively? Not surprisingly, this is a common problem that many asset-intensive businesses face. It’s important to keep in mind that your equipment tags should be as unique as you.

Many processes that companies use are often inconsistent, which results in duplicate, missing or out of date tags. A simple tool like spreadsheets may be suitable for businesses staring out at first. However, this type of manual work can get too labour-intensive as the number of your assets grow. Not to mention, the result of human error is far too common through the use of spreadsheets.

How does NRX AssetHub keep your tags unique?

In addition to configuring your site-specific tagging standards, we load any existing tags from:

  • Your EAM system
  • Any manual tag allocation systems, such as spreadsheets or databases
NRX AssetHub verifies that each new tag request is unique and not already in use
  • Consistency: ability to enforce one or more naming conventions which will ensure that equipment tags are consistent
  • Tags are unique: unique equipment tags will allow for users to easily and effectively find the item they are searching for, preventing any duplicates
  • Reduce errors: maintenance personnel more easily specify the correct tags, saving time, and preventing costly rework
How can we help?

NRX AssetHub for Equipment Tag Management helps our customers ensure tags are unique, accurate, and conform to site standards, as follows:

  • Uses a web form populated with values to ensure tags are accurate
  • Tracks and allocates the next available numbers in a sequence
  • Ensures each tag is unique throughout the system

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