Asset-intensive companies require thousands or even millions of asset tags to identify and keep track of their equipment. These tags need to be unique, and should provide useful information about equipment.

Many companies struggle with a process for allocating tags, with inconsistent tag rules, or difficulty getting personnel to comply. Those who try to implement a formal tagging system still find it error prone. Some companies use spreadsheets to track the next available tag sequence numbers, and allocate blocks of numbers upon request. However, if the reserved numbers are not used, they are never available again.

Smart companies use a naming convention for tags, which makes it easier to identify the type of equipment, where it is located, and other relevant data. But creating those tags and keeping them unique is a major challenge.

Do you need a complex tag naming convention? We have a simple way to play the game. NRX AssetHub can be configured to implement any tagging requirements, no matter how complex. By capturing your site-specific naming requirements in a simple-to-use form with drop-down lists of codes, AssetHub makes assigning equipment tags simple, and prevents tagging errors.

You simply select codes from a list of configured values, and submit a tag allocation request. NRX AssetHub assigns the next available 4-digit sequential number, ensuring that it is not already in use.

If you use a database to track the next available number, no problem. You can load existing tags from the EAM system, and the available tag numbers from the tagging database. AssetHub uses that information to allocate the next available numbers, ensuring they are unique, and not already in use.

Need a formal tag allocations process? That’s easy. AssetHub uses a workflow process for tag allocation. Have as many levels of approval as you like. Approvers can also request additional information, or reject requests.

AssetHub provides a single, web-based solution accessible from any browser, making it easy to request tags. It provides pre-configured forms that prevent invalid selections or mistyped entries, and assigns tags upon request. No waiting for a person to assign them. The system ensures the tags are valid and unique, avoiding duplicate tags.

AssetHub lets you define your tagging requirements, per site, or per enterprise, and then delivers the values in an easy to fill form. Tag forms can include intelligence. For example, if fire-safety equipment is selected, the user can be directed to select a value for Fire Zone. The next available sequence numbers are reserved by AssetHub, and added automatically to the form. The tag requestor can quickly attach documents or drawings for reference. AssetHub also supports multiple tag standards for different parts of your company.

AssetHub ensures that tag allocation requests contain all required information, and are error free, and submits the request to the right person for approval. The system can ensure any unused tags are released at the appropriate time. AssetHub loads tag data from any existing database or spreadsheet, and from EAM systems. It automatically determines the next available block of sequence numbers, and allocates them as requests are submitted.

If you would like to see a demo of how NRX AssetHub can help you play the game of Tag management better, give us a call.

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