Most of us are already aware of the typical perks associated with implementing a well-constructed EAM/CMMS system, but what about the migration process? Often, opportunities to gain massive advantages during a migration process are missed since they aren’t immediately apparent. As such, here are some of the most commonly overlooked benefits of the EAM migration process that you can take advantage of.

The Overlooked Benefits

A New Beginning – A new EAM/CMMS system demands a fresh start. During the migration process, you can choose what stays and what goes. This transition period prompts business owners to pay close attention to the organization and quality of their asset and maintenance master data. Performing a data cleanse before any information is transferred can help foster a smoother transition that’ll give maintenance technicians the confidence to depend on the data used. The migration process becomes a great way to get ahead and begin formatting your asset and maintenance data to be reliable before the process is complete.


Improved Reporting – Effective reporting is the key to understanding how operations within your company are performing. Over time, many invaluable reports begin to build up and go unused. Using the migration process to focus on which reports are important and which can be left behind is crucial in establishing a new action plan once the migration process is complete. Additionally, use this time to develop more effective reporting strategies. Remember, certain styles and focuses of reporting are more valuable to some companies than others, so make sure you find what works best for yours.


Proper Training – Your staff needs to know how to use your new EAM/CMMS system efficiently and effectively for optimal results. Fortunately, the migration process allows for learning opportunities and proper skill development. There’s a good chance that maintenance technicians who regularly used your previous EAM/CMMS system weren’t using it to its full potential. Moreover, providing proper and thorough training during this transition period will allow them to fully understand and utilize all the tools in the new system. This is an optimal time for your technicians to improve their grasp of your EAM/CMMS system, make sure you help them accomplish that.


Identify and Drop Bad Habits – Bad habits generate and snowball with time. When using an EAM/CMMS system, bad habits will always compromise its practical use. Whether a technician is forgetting to report the completion of maintenance tasks or improperly formatting SKU codes, these are issues that will lead to serious cost inefficiencies and poor resource management. The migration process is the perfect time to crack down on these behaviors and ensure they don’t occur once your new EAM/CMMS system has been implemented.


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