If controlling your SAP work order information quality is a challenge in your organization, you’re not alone. Simplifying your plant maintenance is vital when it comes to running your processes efficiently. For many maintenance technicians, completing detailed, accurate and timely notifications, work orders and work order close-outs in their EAM system is not a top priority. They often skip steps or omit critical details that the business requires to properly maintain assets, ensure the safety of its facilities and conduct dependable reliability studies. As a result, many organizations continue to face five critical issues that hinder them from running operations efficiently.

The 5 key SAP Plant Maintenance issues are:

  1. Lack of data quality in SAP PM notifications
  2. Inability to capture required data in SAP PM work orders
  3. Incomplete information regarding Activity, Cause, and Damage codes
  4. Missing data in SAP PM work orders for Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  5. Time consuming and high costs required for SAP Plant Maintenance training

How to Get Back On Track

Having an effective software solution that can simply these issues is vital. NRX Maintenance Mentor (part of the NRX AssetHub platform), is a notification and work order automation solution that helps companies using SAP Plant Maintenance enforce better maintenance processes and accelerate data input for maintenance personnel. The solution ensures that corporate guidelines for notifications and work orders are met. It also provides more complete, more accurate and more meaningful results. NRX Maintenance Mentor will reduce your maintenance backlogs, improve your maintenance strategies and help you save on SAP PM training costs. Below are some keys ways that NRX Maintenance Mentor can help.


  1. Improve the Quality of Data in SAP PM Notifications

Maintenance notifications often contain limited detail, which makes it difficult to determine what they refer to. Furthermore, maintenance technicians waste valuable time decoding the information to determine the correct priority, the affected equipment and what action is required.

What NRX Maintenance Mentor does

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps ensure that the data included in a notification is complete, accurate and informative. It provides an easy-to-use front end to SAP Plant Maintenance, which guides your maintenance technicians through a series of questions, collecting detailed information and populating data where required.


  1. Capture All Required Data in SAP PM Work Orders

Many maintenance technicians dislike data entry and completing detailed work order closeouts. They may skip steps or omit critical details that the business requires to properly maintain assets.

What NRX Maintenance Mentor does

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps ensure that critical steps are completed and key information is entered in work orders. This results in work orders that contain all the information a technician requires to efficiently and effectively complete the work and will also provide accurate data for Reliability analysis.


  1. Ensure Inclusion of Activity, Cause, and Damage Codes

Companies typically struggle with incomplete information in notifications and work orders. You must have detailed information about maintenance and repairs captured in the work orders in order to track maintenance costs, project future maintenance requirements and perform any kind of probability analysis. Without this crucial data, accurate projections are just not possible!

What NRX Maintenance Mentor does

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps enforce the processes that ensure the data they need is included in each work order or notification. It makes key fields in SAP PM mandatory, thereby ensuring that maintenance personnel include all necessary information before they can close out the work order. It also ensures that this process is quick and simple, not laborious.


  1. Capture Detailed Data in SAP PM Work Orders for FMEA

Companies use Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) to review components, assemblies and subsystems which identifies failure modes, their causes and effects. If you have missing data, your FMEA activity will not be able to identify potential failure modes based on experience and will not be able to perform an accurate analysis.

What NRX Maintenance Mentor does

NRX Maintenance Mentor helps ensure that the data required for FMEA is easily included in work orders.  You will never miss a piece of fail data when issues occur, which will help your company identify potential failure modes based on experience.


  1. Reduce the Time and Costs Required for SAP PM Training

Companies whose maintenance personnel are required to log in to SAP to perform their “paper work” invest a significant amount of time and effort with training, either formal, or on the job. SAP PM users find creating and updating notifications and work orders to be a cumbersome process.

What NRX Maintenance Mentor does

NRX Maintenance Mentor provides a simple, wizard-driven interface that can be readily customized for your environment, setting fields as mandatory, to reduce omissions, providing selection lists to prevent errors and even automatically populating fields based on previous responses.


To learn more about how you can simplify your SAP Plant Maintenance, download our free eBook! See how NRX AssetHub can help your organization, by contacting us at 1-877-603-4679 or book a demo today!


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