A crucial part of ensuring the success of your EAM & CMMS system is to make sure that it is being used as intended. However, it can be difficult to identify all the EAM/CMMS issues  that impact your maintenance productivity.

Here are some telltale signs that your EAM/CMMS solution might not work as well as you think.

Ineffective Maintenance Processes

If there is too much unplanned work, equipment malfunctions, or increased production  downtime, the fault may lie in how you use your EAM/CMMS.

The goal of an effective EAM/CMMS system is to arm the business with maintenance data that provides a better insight into prioritizing, planning, and scheduling work. Using this information, it should be easy for the company to make impactful decisions to reduce capital and operational expenses.


Ineffective Processes for Keeping EAM/CMMS Information Up to Date

What if your EAM/CMMS data is not up to date? Well, it can pose some significant concerns – one being that you may notice a lot more unexpected delays and outages and frustrated users.

Whenever maintenance practices need to be changed or, assets have been upgraded or decommissioned, or the engineering design of a specific part has changed, workers should have clear responsibilities and processes so they can input the updates into the EAM & CMMS. Unfortunately, in many organizations, this can fall through the cracks.


Frustrated Users

If any of the users of your EAM/CMMS system have voiced concerns about its usability, it may be beneficial to investigate further.

Sometimes the organization of locations and assets or text descriptions and naming conventions may be complicated, and workers may struggle to find assets in the EAM/CMMS system correctly. Work orders may be created against the wrong asset or against a location making it hard to capture and report on costs and reliability information effectively. 


Understand the Issues with Your EAM/CMMS

Are you unsure where you stand with your EAM/CMMS usage and performance? We can help you! Through our benchmarking service, an experienced consultant can help you identify issues and create a roadmap for improving the effectiveness of your EAM/CMMS  system.

If you are interested in learning more about benchmarking, feel free to download our brochure or book a meeting, and our team will be happy to assist you!


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