Did you know you could save at least 50% of the time and cost typically incurred auditing and validating asset and maintenance data for regulatory compliance? Many asset-intensive companies struggle when it comes to improving reliability or performance standards compliance. For one, compliance issues are a major road block. There is no easy way to verify that the maintenance plans and/or inspection tasks programmed into the EAM conform to the documented corporate performance standards for different assets. Nor is it easy to update maintenance plans and/or inspection tasks in the EAM system when corporate performance standards change.

Also, many asset-intensive verticals struggle with working with EAM solutions because they aren’t designed to visualize, review and edit the maintenance plans associated with locations and assets. There is no easy way to search for gaps in the data or all equipment associated to the same performance standard and it is not easy to document which assets and locations have been verified as compliant in the EAM solution.

Another issue that companies face is the oversight and accountability of it all. It’s very difficult to get an accurate report of issues with EAM data and performance standard compliance. It is also hard to supervise and direct third-party contractors with maintenance domain expertise who are typically hired to make recommendations on performance standards and make sure they are applied appropriately to locations and assets.

Save Money & Time

When you load your performance standards compliance documents into a corporate document management system, and organize the documents in a logical and consistent manner, those documents can be easily associated with the assets to which they apply to. This makes them readily available to maintenance personnel who are building maintenance plans and task lists to comply. You will be able to quickly locate critical assets that do not have reliability or performance standards associated with them.

Using an easy-to-use interface that allows you build compliant maintenance plans and task lists faster will help you save money & time. Your maintenance personnel will be able to quickly define, and schedule maintenance activities based on the standards documents attached to each critical asset. Users will be able to easily copy maintenance data and paste them to one or more assets, making it possible to propagate performance data throughout groups of assets that share common properties.

Having a maintenance library of reusable maintenance objects will reduce the time and money spent as well. The maintenance library helps you suggest lists of similar assets that may apply to the model of equipment that you are looking for, which enables reuse and saves time.

Intelligent filtering helps you quickly focus on areas of concern, such as listing all equipment without a criticality value or all critical equipment without a performance standard or maintenance plans. Having a software that helps identify critical assets that are missing performance standards documents will ultimately help save your company time and money as well.

NRX AssetHub is the Complete Solution for Improving Reliability or Performance Standards Compliance!

Our customers use NRX AssetHub to capture reliability or performance standards and associate them with appropriate assets, build compliant maintenance plans, measure compliance gaps, and track compliance verification activities

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