We here at NRX spend a lot of time with customers managing asset-intensive companies in Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Transportation, and many other industries. Almost all of those customers have implemented some form of EAM/CMMS system but are struggling with poor quality master data and an inefficient and/or ineffective way to track and manage vast amounts of assets.

NRX AssetHub is here to help, and has generated amazing results with some of the largest asset-intensive companies in the world.

One use case, seen within the Oil & Gas industry, is a project done for a refinery of one of the world’s leading integrated oil and energy companies. This refinery is the corporation’s largest U.S. refinery and one of the top ten petroleum refineries in the United States. With such a large operation, ensuring complete, well-defined, and accurate EAM/CMMS master data is crucial for effective and efficient maintenance and operational initiatives. The following is a detailed analysis of the key challenges they faced and the corresponding solutions and results that NRX AssetHub provided.



  • Increase plant reliability (increased availability and performance)
  • Improve maintenance execution (improved planning and increased wrench time)
  • Provide a single point of access to asset information integrated with enterprise systems
  • Automate MRO procurement processes (reduce manual intervention for parts identification and the creation of material requisitions)
  • Build and sustain an accurate and comprehensive asset information foundation
  • Create a data governance framework for add/change/delete (ACD) and Management of Change (MOC) processes
  • Improve internal (Reliability, Maintenance, Engineering and Operations) and external (Supplier and EPC) collaboration



  • NRX AssetHub used for asset lifecycle information management at 3 refineries
  • Asset information migrated to engineering, supplier, EAM and reliability systems
  • NRX AssetVisualizer used to find and visualize vast amounts of assets, equipment, and parts faster



  • User adoption 300% above expected levels
  • Planning time up by over 50%
  • Wrench time for experienced craftsman up by 1 to 2hrs/day, and for new hires by 2 to 4 hrs/ day
  • Manual intervention in MRO materials requisitions declined from 75% to 25%
  • Successfully transitioned to a digital world with immediate access to a single accurate and continuously updated asset information foundation that reflects the real plant



“NRX AssetHub allows us to not only effectively manage the information for current assets in our plant, but also manage all the flows of information as those assets change and grow over time. This brings accurate information to the right person at the right time to make the right decision.”


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