Migrating from one EAM system to another is necessary for every asset-intensive company. This is a significant task and while it may seem overwhelming, there is no better opportunity to update your asset and maintenance data, eliminate duplicates, and ensure accuracy. Asset and maintenance data become increasingly prone to degradation over time. Without updates to the data in your EAM or CMMS system, the data is most likely outdated.

Inaccurate data can lead to more time and money being spent than needed. This means your organization will take a hit in both human and operational costs. This can manifest as reduced asset performance or increased downtime. So how can you avoid inaccurate data, save money, and make maintenance practices effective? How can you ensure quality data?

Optimize your data for better performance

First things first, it is imperative for any asset-based organization to have an effective and efficient maintenance strategy. This includes establishing methods to get rid of outdated, irrelevant, or inaccurate data to ensure a seamless transition from one EAM system to another.

The effectiveness of your maintenance strategy will be directly translated to the organization of your data. This is essential for the efficient operation of your new EAM system. Making such an investment with unorganized data greatly hinders the value to be extracted from your new system.

Data migration is not a quick and easy process. It requires much planning, adequate time, and patience. If it is not performed correctly various things could go wrong, resulting in significant costs for your organization.

One step at a time

Data migrations do not have to be difficult, provided the right measures are in place to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. With planning being an integral part of guaranteeing the perfect data quality, NRX AssetHub presents a solution to such needs. This software solution provides a smooth integration from your old EAM system to the new one, with data management services to keep your data clean and abide by new maintenance practices. If you need assistance with your data during an EAM migration and would like to learn more about NRX AssetHub, feel free to reach out to our team and book a demo!

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