Preventive Maintenance can be very useful for your company to help reduce maintenance costs and repairs.

Why should your company perform preventive maintenance?

  1. Legal Standards Required: It is important that you maintain and inspect your technical system regularly, because there may be legislation relating to your plant safety or industrial hygiene and safety.
  2. Product Quality Assurance: The quality of the product depends on the condition of the facility it was manufactured.
  3. Reduction in Reactive Maintenance Costs: Effective preventive maintenance can reduce any unnecessary costs that occur because of repairs and can ensure that a technical system doesn’t breakdown.
  4. Environmental Standards Requirements: It is possible that effective preventive maintenance can prevent system breakdowns that can lead to environmental impacts.
  5. Decrease in High Maintenance Costs: Depending on whether you’ve already reached the optimum intensity level of preventive maintenance or not, you can possibly decrease your maintenance costs.

The cost for repairs are inversely proportionate to preventive maintenance and depend on the frequency of maintenance work scheduled.

The higher the frequency of preventive maintenance scheduled, the higher the costs for preventive maintenance and the lower the costs for repair.

After looking at the chart, we can see that there is an optimum intensity level, at the green dot, where the overall costs of plant maintenance are low.

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